PlayStation 4 exceeds 30.2 million units sold in its first two years of life

PlayStation 4

It’s been two years since he’s been with us, and there is no doubt that the world is the home console sales works best. The Japanese company reported to have exceeded 30.2 million consoles sold.

If you have to compare with previous models, PlayStation 4 has had a better start in their first two years of life – November 22 -. It seemed complicated, but it has sold faster than their three older sisters.

PlayStation 4
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PlayStation 4 is the “play” that has sold in its first two years of life. You have exceeded their expectations

The figure takes on greater interest if we remember that last March 20 reported that worldwide sales had exceeded 20 million, so the performance so far this year has been really positive.

Sony has made a statement reporting on this and takes the opportunity to thank the buyers and partners who have opted for them.

Expectations are high, expect to get exceed 17.5 million units sold during the fiscal year of the Japanese company, which ends in March 2016. The console is available in 124 countries and regions where there are still grow.

Microsoft has not revealed sales figures for its Xbox One for a year – or wants to – but we know that in November last year would have passed the ten million distributed, seems complicated terrain Sony have cut so far this year .

The idea we have is that the gadget Sony has been selling more consistently quarter after quarter in markets like the US. For Nintendo Wii U it is not very buoyant, which came just before the market a year ahead of its competitors and accumulated 10.73 million at September 30.

Virtual reality and cloud gaming to complement PlayStation

Doing a quick mind, they have sold 1.25 million consoles per month since November 2013

PlayStation and the business of electronic entertainment is a cornerstone in the new Sony, next to the business image – cameras and sensors – so we expect increased investment and developments in it.

The next important thing that has to happen have to do with virtual reality with PlayStation VR, will have to wait until next year.

It also appears that there is some way to go in the game service in the cloud, accessible directly from TVs, as is the case with some Samsung models or devices Fire TV Amazon.

One of the largest producers in the market, Electronic Arts, the main beneficiary of the more consoles have, has reported that in their accounts estimate that a park of 50 million consoles are believed – PS4 and Xbox One – before year’s end.

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