Omni comes, record 360 8K content with six GoPro cameras is now possible

Omni 360 GoPro

Revolution 360 has come and we have not only seen different models of recording for domestic public as, for example, LG Cam, Gear 360 Samsung or Ricoh Theta S, but there are different market sectors offering content suitable for virtual reality.

GoPro is one of the companies that bet squarely in this market but does so with a bet of one, two or three sensors. Omni uses no less than 6 cameras GoPro Hero 4 Black for capturing images that bear fruit videos 360 resolutions They coming up to 8K. Thus much sharper and detailed contents fit are achieved to increase the feeling of immersion of the popular virtual reality.

Omni 360 GoPro
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A solution for the professional environment

First of all we want to emphasize that because of the cost of the GoPro system addresses this solution to professional world. In fact recording 6 cameras GoPro Hero 4 synchronously pixel to pixel offers video quality suitable for use in that environment.

What is Omni? Well, we could summarize in a few words is an active support system cube-shaped with rounded six GoPro Hero 4 Black edges (does not work with another model) that allows video recording resolution up to 2,7K for each camera.

This system allows you to tag recorded on each camera microSD later use to import them into your computer quickly and easily with the software-contained way Kolor Autopano. Each engraved on each side of the cube file is recorded in the microSD each GoPro and labeled as coming from the Omni system and the position of the camera in question.

GoPro offers software to import content that allows you to preview the contents 360 almost in real time by simply dragging the recorded files of the six chambers. In addition allows a selection of the fragment we want to export and choosequality 2K, 4K or 8K.

If we need a more complete edition GoPro offers Autopano software that can even patch the area from which is subject Omni giving a result of camera in the air.

Omni: How to make 7 devices work as one

Why Omni only works with cameras Black Hero 4? It is the only model that has a connector on the back that gives access to data and control bus.

Thus GoPro can perform a full synchronization of the six cameras making all work in unison starting from a master camera.

You could say that the pack works similarly to as if we record camera with a unique way. Omni is responsible for synchronizing the recording pixel level and label the content optimally for further treatment. This synchronization avoids aberrations which are difficult to solve in postprocessing.

Omni comes as a device capable of handling 6 cameras Black Hero 4 and make the whole function as a single device.

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GoPro commitment to quality of content

If anything has become clear in the analysis of 360 cameras we tested it is that the quality of the final material is enough to create that sense of immersion, but is far from a minimum of reasonable quality.

In the best option, we get a 4K video to cover the entire environment 360 from only two video sources and pixelation and fuzziness is something that is greatly acknowledged.

GoPro has grown into the world of action cameras and the quality has been one of the distinguishing features that have improved generation after generation.

The arrival of Omni to generate content 360 is another step in that direction. The quality of the content speaks for itself as you can see in integrated videos. They offer a level of detail much greater than 360 cameras coming to market, to the point where even allow expansion of the area we are viewing.

GoPro is a company that provides tools for carrying out the entire process from recording to obtain the final product.

Omni comes to market as the link that was missing from the company GoPro in the chain of content creation 360. Just the first, the recording.

GoPro acquired the company Kolor, among others Autopano developer, software stitching and image editing. Now they have developed an importer content 360 with basic editing possibilities. And finally the company offers GoPro VR as a platform to share content with a system 360 codec broadcasting (Cineform 8k) ensuring, in his words, avoid loss of quality of other standards such as H.264 VP9 or used by YouTube and Facebook.

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