Orak Hydrofoil Parrot Drone is the launch drone as powerful as it looks

Orak hydrofoil parrot drone

Parrot offers a complete catalog of drones for all users who want to enjoy one. For more advanced models like Bebop 2 could and analyze up before us. The Orak Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil is a curious two in one drone capable of operating even in the water.

Thanks to an accessory shaped boat Parrot drone becomes a kind of speedboat with which we can enjoy it in the water. Anyway, we shall see in more detail all this because what might seem a good idea is not so. Yet we go step by step and know well the proposal Parrot.

Orak hydrofoil parrot drone
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Before beginning to see what the drone itself, different modes of use, options and overall experience is important to know the law to use it safely. Because despite being a toy can come to harm if not handled correctly. Once you do see its main features. So we have a first approach to what it offers.

Hydrofoil Drone Quadcopter.Dimensions approx.13.9 x 13,9cm and 4cm high.** Attention is not waterproof **
Hydrofoil structure Accessory to convert the drone in water.Dimensions approx.36,57cm x 13,7cm 32 and high
Battery 550 mAh capacity.Flight Time / navigation estimated between 7 and 9 minutes as accessories
Requirements IOS device or Android app control via Flight Control 3
Camera Located at the bottom can only take pictures with a resolution of 640×480 pixels
Additional features 1GB flash memory capacity.Bluetooth connectivity (maximum range of around 30 meters depending on devices used as control)

This is Orak, the Parrot minidrone

Orak, the minidrone Parrot, is a device of small dimensions. A drone on sight and that gives us an idea of what type of product is and to whom it is addressed. This is not a drone intended neither for multimedia applications nor for those seeking something more serious. This is a toy, really fun, but nothing more.

Despite its size, barely 14x14cm, is not a priori a drone for indoor use. We can fly inside the home but it is not the best thing because it is not easy, it gets to reach enough speed and can be dangerous propellers. So to achieve a good level of skill in piloting I would not.

Speaking of dimensions, as can be seen in the images, the design of this drone is quite compact. It is very similar to other proposals Parrot, it is basically the same as marketed under other names, so only some specific differences will differ from the rest.

What I think is noteworthy it is its robustness. It will not be indestructible but after some real shots, truth is that both propellers as well endure structure. But not only these elements are resistant, the engines also seem to hold up well over time as I could tell me at some users who have Parrot products.

Otherwise, highlight two elements of this proposal Parrot. The first is the accessory that incorporates Orak to make use of it in the water. A kind of boat or speedboat. Making the drone at the top of this motor serves for operation. The second is the inclusion of a camera that despite having a VGA resolution can only give some play. But only we can make photographs perpendicular to the ground and with the drone in flight mode.

As mentioned, the drone of Parrot Orak is designed so that the user can decide whether to use it in flight mode or water. It is obviously the water mode that brings or should bring more value to this variant, because if a user wants to use mainly in flight mode is not worth purchasing this particular model. Unfortunately, it is not.

When we use the drone motor boating we will find a first problem, the drone is not waterproof. Yes, it seems contradictory but it is. In addition, it can be used only in fresh water, salt water but nothing that is more understandable because the damage it can cause is greater.

However, returning to the subject of water resistance, it does not make sense to sell a device for use in water but the main part is not waterproof. And it is that the likelihood that at some point suffer a mishap are high. So either we are very careful or we may end up spoiling the drone.

Regarding the browsing experience, leaving aside the problem of not being waterproof, it is not bad but not very attractive. There are different options pilot, we can go over or speed, perform much faster and with a smaller or larger radius but little else turns. What in the background makes this so the experience is somewhat watered down to what we might expect.

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When we use it in flight mode the picture changes completely. The drone, despite its Bluetooth 4.0 connection allows limited in distance but sufficient for the product that is range. Especially since this size really does not make sense to allow more to carry the approximate distance 30m offering.

When flying the drone can enjoy virtually any option other more advanced and powerful drones offer. Interestingly and with a maximum speed that can reach up to 10km / h more acrobatics preprogrammed we can make it much enjoys it.

Control and autonomy

The Parrot mini-drones are intended for use with Flight Control 3 application is available for iOS and Android. This provides certain advantages but also disadvantages.

On the positive side we have different control modes allow each user to choose the most convenient option of using find it. But building on the gyroscopes smartphone or simulating a physical control through the touch screen. The expert option is the most recommended but made its control is not easy.

Meanwhile simulated through the touch screen control is not bad but with the excitement of fly it end up not press each virtual lever properly, causing you to lose control. Fortunately, it can be combined with gamepads.

In our case we tested the Nimbus command with an iOS device. So the flight and navigation experience improved dramatically. It is more enjoyable for accuracy but above all increase comfort.

Turning to the issue we have autonomy battery offers this drone flight time between 7 and 9 minutes. It depends on whether or not carrying accessories winning or losing those extra minutes. This is logical because the resistance of the boat or the extra work made if loaded with propeller guards noticed while flying.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you become with some extra batteries. For recharging these batteries it is approximately 25 minutes to reach 100% if you use a power adapter and more than one hour if you charge USB connection with a computer.

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