The tablet market continues to fall, but surprisingly Apple begins to recover


During the past quarter, which ended June 30, we have seen markets smartwatches and smartphones have presented falls, markets where such Apple is showing a downward trend that affects your entire business and threatening their future as company. But within all these falls is a curious phenomenon occurring because revenues iPad show an increase after eight quarters down, this while in the global tablet market continues to fall.

In the past financial report Apple’s surprise came from the iPad, where analysts expected a further drop, which eventually was presented but not as expected, since apparently the commitment to a product like the iPad Pro has worked, causing revenue this device have increased by 7% over the previous year, a surprise that now is reflected in worldwide sales of tablets in the last quarter.

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They have sold 12.3% less than the previous year tablets

IDC is releasing its latest report on global sales of tablets during the quarter ended June 30, where the downward trend that has been presented for almost two years, now done with a drop of 12.3% remains It is corresponding to sales by 38.7 million units, while the same period of 2015 sales were at 44.1 million units.

For this quarter, Samsung is the one who has lost share over staying with a 15.6% market share with 6 million tablets sold, numbers last year were by 8 million units and 18.2% share, i.e. Samsung it is losing share before the arrival of more options on the market, however , it remains in second place as a manufacturer of tablets.

This trend also affects Apple but less so, because suddenly their share jumped to 25.8%, this despite iPad sold less than the previous year, remaining at 10 million units while last year managed to place 11 million. This very curious case is also reflected in the average price of the iPad, which increased the output of the iPad Pro, which greatly benefited the company, because despite having sold fewer tablets, revenue rose plus that the product has been well received by the market, especially the 9.7-inch option.

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The top 5 is complemented by Lenovo who now ranks third with a share of 6.6%, but in turn is threatened by a Huawei continues to grow and is positioned in this market with a share of 5.6 %, this thanks to an increase in sales of 71%. And finally in fifth place we have Amazon, thanks to its wide range of devices has increased its sales by 1208.9%, leaving with a share of 4% overall by 1.6 million units.

For two years the market for tablets has presented significant declines, especially because it is a product that has become very niche and whose update window is wider, closer to what we have today in computers and away from that what happens in the field of smartphones, however if Apple is showing that contrary to what was thought, is not a dead market, still it has a place in artistic disciplines and education, because it has within the content consumption lost ground but this can mean a maturation and consolidation participation in specific fields.

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