Power workstation, format all-in-one, what it purports to offer the HP Z1 G3

HP Z1 G3

The format All-in-One still trying to prove it can be a valid proposal for environments that while it was difficult to find appropriate solutions. If you recently we analyzed the HP Envy Curved 34 for users with ambitions in the field of productivity, now comes the new proposal aimed at professional users: the workstation HP Z1 G3 also comes in this format.

HP Z1 G3
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The new workstations AIO HP manage toreduce the size and weight of previous models, the HP Z1 G2, but also integrate new components and include a new software control and remote administration that will try to tempt Mac users that can harness the power of these stations based on Windows from their computers.

Control your workstation from a Mac

The HP Z1 G3 come with a screen of 23.6 inches and a smaller than the size of the previous generation by47%, although this logically contributes the fact that the screen is not 27 inches.Given offered a 4K resolution in those barely 24 inches, will be virtually mandatory not use the native resolution, but an escalation.

Inside are Intel Xeon processors, RAM up to64 GB ECC, plus the new NVIDIA Quadro that will give these teams a remarkable power in both general purpose scenarios and demanding applications.

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Storage units is carried out by dual PCIe Z Turbo HP Drives, enabling get more from the SSDs we choose, although it is possible to combine them with traditional hard drives. Among the available ports are USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 ​​port with SD interface, plus DisplayPort port or card reader.

One of the new highlights of the team is not in hardware but in software. The call HP RGS allows users of OS X can access this computer to remotely control and use all kinds of applications, plus preview the content these stations on the screens of MacBooks and other Apple hardware.

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