The PS4.5 “NEO” will support 4K VR, but not leave hanging current users of the PS4

The PS4.5 NEO

They have new rumors of future PS4.5 that Sony still unconfirmed appeared, and again they talk about the support 4K will offer the console and that special attention to the segment of virtual reality, but what has been revealed now it is much more important for current users of the PS4.

The PS4.5 which is known internally as “NEO” will not break ties with the PS4. In fact reinforce, and games simply will have a “base” mode that will use the PS4 hardware and a “Neo” mode that will leverage the hardware capabilities of the PS4.5.

The PS4.5 NEO
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Backwards compatibility and the key PS4 “Neo”

Both consoles users access the same catalog and can play online on PlayStation including Network, and by that filtration will be no exclusive games for the “NEO” that are not available in the PS4. In fact not even there will be no games that can be played with the peripheral of the Playstation for virtual reality, pSVR, which cannot be used with the current console. There will be “exclusive VR mode”, so to speak.

This news will give a respite to all the millions of users who had bet on the Sony console and were threatened by the emergence of a new edition that could have left behind. If what is stated is true the PS4.5 “NEO” will simply be an improved version that will allow enjoy those higher-quality graphics modes.

The games to be published in October, time after which it is expected that the console is released, will the “Neo” but game developers will also be able to offer this mode by patching that will keep the graphics and experience to benefit the hardware of the new console.

4K support in question

In this filtration it indicated that the processor will be a octa-core model 2.1GHzrather than the current 1.6 GHz, plus improved GPU (36 “Compute Units” 911 MHz versus the current 18 800MHz) and faster RAM. 4K support makes again that arises doubts because today it is impossible to enjoy games that resolution unless we invest a small fortune in a dedicated GPU on desktop computers.

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A priori it seems unlikely that Sony can offer a really decent 4K experience given the price at which it is estimated that the console might appear -399 dollars so this is precisely the aspect that can generate more doubts.

In fact that will also determine the quality of the experience of virtual reality, as we have seen in the Rift Oculus and Live HTC depends on us having a really powerful PC: the GTX 970 which are minimum requirements on the market today, so here the experience is probably a step behind visually what these two options offer.

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