Samsung has a cute assistant robot that is ready to receive orders at home

Samsung Otto

Let ‘s face it, few people support their daily tasks in using virtual assistants as Cortana, Siri and even Google Now, however, Amazon has been the only one able to concentrate the functions and capabilities of your virtual assistant Alexa in a single device good results, as the Amazon Echo has been a success in the United States.

Thanks to this, they have already emerged the first rumors tell us that Google would be to launch a similar device for home powered by Google Now. But it is not the only seeks to gain market share you created Echo, because Samsung has just launched its bid for market participants home with Otto, the new Samsung robot assistant.

Samsung Otto
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Otto, the robot comes to put order in our home

During the developer conference Samsung, the company has shown the first prototype of Otto, an assistant robot equipped with microphone, speaker and high-definition camera, this allows you to always be aware of what happens around him, ready to listen voice commands to activate functions, answering questions and control other devices such as appliances, something very similar, if not equal, to what makes Echo.

Otto is powered by ARTIK, the platform for the Internet of Things Samsung, with which you want to unify the devices of the company, a tool that was announced some time ago but now is opening for manufacturers and developers to create devices and compatible applications, which can be controlled by Otto, or from a smartphone remotely.

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Otto chamber works as security tool; since it has face recognition, and is able to capture video at all times to transmit live to our smartphone or computer when we are not at home. We also have a front screen showing expressions like a face, plus you can display text, images and animations depending on the application and we have requested.

Of course still has details that have not been clarified by the company, such as security, because we are talking about a device that is activated microphone and camera at all times, which is further connected to the Internet. Otto is just a prototype designed to show capabilities of the company in the Internet of Things, so there are still no plans exist a commercial version in the short or medium term.

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