This table includes a 4K screen multitouch and is able to recognize tangible objects

4K table

The idea of a table with touch screen is not new, there are several projects and devices currently be found relatively easily around the world, even commercial versions focused on restaurants, hotels and entertainment centers, but now is the time multitouch tables that expand their scope with options for business users and to one another end user.

Ideum is known for its developments in the field of large multi-touch panels that have adapted to tables and blackboards, but are now presenting its new range of products that not only offer basic functions on a screen, but also incorporate a powerful computer and functions type design that use the table to recognize objects placed on it.

4K table
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Duet-Line: 4K, Windows 10, Intel Core i7 and Nvidia

This table integrates a 55-inch screen with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which has technology developed by 3M to have 60 simultaneous touch points, enabling up to four people can interact with the content. Its design is aircraft-grade aluminum, allowing you to have strength and durability even in outdoor areas.

In the table we find an Intel Core i7 quad-core processor but not the model and generation, similarly specified tell us including Nvidia, but not what is known, plus we have a Windows 10 as a system operating and promise to support Android later.

On the other hand, one of the important points of this table is the incorporation of technology that makes interacting with tangible objects in the real world, so we can put glasses, cups, plates, or any object, this interaction is achieved through 3D capacitive printed markers that are placed on objects, while at the table using software and a special film that recognizes markers and reacts according to information that has been placed for that object is made.

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Ideum mentions that it is already working with other companies to create objects that already incorporate these markers, which will be compatible not only with this new device of 55 inches, but may also be used in the previous generation including sizes up to 65 inches long and when purchased separately movie that can recognize objects placed on the table.

The company has opened reservations for this new table Duet UHD with deliveries scheduled for early July, but has not disclosed the final price, which is estimated to be around $ 20,000 if we rely on its current line product, so it is believed that these devices are directed at companies and places can exploit this interaction using a table inside.

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