Samsung puts the components connected to the first hoverboard and road


The fashionable device,the hoverboardsattacked the market by surprise and positioned above the drones, as the number one selling toy in the United States and some other countries.As expected, this success has broughtits respective dose of controversy, with Chinese copies of poor quality, battery explosions, and ban on airplanes and until his departure inthe catalog of major vendors.

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Despite all this,the hoverboardsremain one of the best selling technology products, with a tremendous amount of brands and market prices therefore have arisen campaigns that seek toregulate, prohibit, or ask consumers to acquire brands and supported by the security agencies.In addition, under this idea comes Kiwano, a device thatproclaims itself “the safest”, where one of its main features is that ithas the support of Samsung.

Kiwano, the hoverboards now connect to your smartphone

Kiwano is a new hoverboard that is storming the market, where one of his main arguments is the fact that ithas achieved thenew safety certification UL 2272, created by the United States for those devices auto equalize that meet safety standards components and batteries, with this, its creator Juan Contreras is betting on security, something that has affected significantly to these devices.

This new hoverboard hasa rechargeable lithium ion battery of 44Ah / 37V manufactured by Samsung, which offers a range of up to15 kilometers and can be recharged in about three hours.We also have a 350W engine with dual independent rotation, which provides speeds up to25 km / and its operation on slopes up to15 degrees.

Its aluminum and plastic design allows it tosupport up to150 kilograms, has IP56 certification that makes itwaterproof and dust, being able to withstand temperatures between -15 to 50 degrees Celsius, has brake lights and LED headlights and weighs just 14.5 kilograms.An important point is that the wheels havea system of shock absorption, besides its design allows them tomove on a lot of surfaces, making this hoverboard -road.

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In addition to this, Kiwano isa complete technological device, since you can connect to your smartphone through an app, developed by Samsung, iOS or Android, which will help us to know at all times the state of our skateboard, such as speed, battery charge, temperature, and to trace the path we have traveled.For its off, this interaction between our smartphone and allow us tosend hoverboard skateboard to hear music blaring through its two integrated speakers.

Kiwano is priced at $799, but for introduction will be available at a significant discount that leaves it in the$399, unfortunately sales during this first stage are limited to the United States.

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