The new iPad Pro comes with 9.7 inches full of ambition

iPad Pro

Apple is trying to reinvent the segment of the tablets. At least, their tablets. It did months ago when it introduced the iPad Pro, a device very reminiscent of the transition so had bet the Microsoft Surface, and it has done it again now with a more compact version of this device.

This is how we get the iPad Pro, a convertible tablet that follows the guidelines of his older brother but does so with a format in which -and some of capabilities- dimensions are reduced. Productivity is again the key to these devices Apple, which now not only urges us to use with fingers but with a keyboard and a pointer.

iPad Pro
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Smaller, equally powerful

The first thing that stands out this new iPad Pro is its 9.7 -inch screen, which Apple is ideal as already demonstrated with the first iPad. In fact, he confessed Phil Schiller during the presentation, Apple has sold 200 million tablets in this format.

Retina screen that has the same pixel density as that of his older brother: Apple kept the 264 dpi and that makes the resolution becomes 2048 x 1536 pixels.

The new iPad Pro with this diagonal manages to reduce all its dimensions: spent 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm, which means that the thickness is also reduced from 6.9 mm iPad Pro 12.9 inches. The weight Wi-Fi model is 437 grams (713 for his older brother) and LTE connectivity 444 grams (723 grams for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch).

On that screen they have integrated the best screen technology already integrated with the iPad Pro, but also offers two new features of iOS to adjust the screen to the time changes (Night Shift) and changes in color temperature (True Tone display), which is fed by the ambient light sensor. Both technologies try to adapt the use of the device at the time and place to use them.

This convertible tablet also features a sound system that is composed of four front speakers that according to the manufacturer are twice as powerful as those offered in the iPad Air 2. The battery has a capacity of 27,5Wh compared to 38, 5 Wh larger model.

As in the iPad Pro 12.9 inches, this 9.7-inch iPad Pro Apple has not differentiated the names of the models, nothing “mini” by tanto- has the powerful A9X processor and coprocessor M9 also to support the voice activation feature Siri.

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And camera accessories, also featured

Apple has also focused this device productivity, and has done so by adapting the Smart Keyboard that takes that size to seamlessly integrate as housing with keyboard for 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The pointer does not change still the same that has already become one of the essential accessories of his older brother.

Apple also wanted to highlight the presence of the camera 12 Mpixels iSight that allow you to capture even videos in 4K format and then edit them if they so desire -directly from the device. This camera is an interesting qualitative leap in front of the camera 8 Mpixels iPad Pro. In fact we also won in aperture (f / 2.2 to f / 2.4 to 12.9 inches) and the ability to record in 4K not It has the larger model.

The presence of True Tone Flash and Panorama modes in the posterior chamber adds to the front camera with a (compared to 1.2 Mpixels iPad Pro 12.9 inch another major jump) 5 Mpixel sensor offering FaceTime HD support and which also features the “Retina Flash” mode that makes use of the screen as a flash when we get the picture.

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