Samsung to modular computers also points its ArtPC Press


We told everything we knew about the ArtPC Press, but we missed the most important, or at least the distinguishing element of the proposal Samsung: modularity for desktop design of the Korean house.

When we met it for the first time, we focus on the obvious, design details that remind us to devices other brands, as is its cylindrical shape. We also found very striking is the fact of having a built-in speaker that sends the sound in 360 degrees from their position – such as HP – but we had no unclear how was the way in which the device was able to expand.

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We see today thanks to the video presentation that Samsung has prepared, it can better meet the look and product possibilities: on the table have two modules, one is the speaker Harman Kardon, one that is extra storage **.

We do not know if more modules come in the future, for now we see two: speakers and storage

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How to connect these modules is singular circular, the area we piled on top of ArtPC Press, and to complete the connection must be rotated. There is a button that tells us that the module has been secured, and if we remove that button we operate.

There are also new details that we can say, as the body is completely metallic, circular light environment and notifies giving is created with LEDs and can change its color from the system.

Samsung is not alone in this, in the way of creating computers that improve or grow modules are also HP, Acer or ASUS even more focused on video game companies like Razer.

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