Xiaomi wants you to wake up with them and created a watch that is also wireless speaker


We get heavy with the phones but while teaching us more models do not stop getting into new points of our home, well, home to the Chinese. The last thing have been removed from the sleeve is an attractive alarm clock that also serves as the speaker.

As usual in Chinese brand, the product causes interest in design and price, but knowing the good work of Xiaomi, certainly also has positive things to offer in terms of quality and functionality.

The most interesting part of the product is the fact also is a wireless speaker, which works via Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, with which we can hook you our mobile devices. The same power is 5W.

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Loudspeaker wireless

A Xiaomi does not like cables so too has decided that the device must have a built -in battery, which allows it to move freely wherever we need. This battery is 2600 mAh and allows life as clock / alarm is very long, if we want to take advantage of its benefits as a speaker, we were there with 10 hours of use.

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How much does this Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock? For in China they are asking for it 199 yuan, to change are about 25 dollars, a desirable figure for what it offers. In this case, we are not facing a product having trouble functioning here, so I predict success in import stores.

From the point of view of design, I would highlight the resolution of the clock part, with numbers and dots created with LED technology, which poke through the speaker grille

Xiaomi is too well known for their phones, but as I have explained several times, has three fields of expansion very clear: mobility, cameras, and home. In the first already has some other electric vehicles in the second, no shortage of action cameras and interchangeable lenses. Home have TVs, air purifiers, or robots for rice. More onhttp://generationguy.com/

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