Say no to tangled cables: Solutions and tricks to avoid

No to tangled cables

The struggle to avoid problems with the happy cable never ends. It is true that there are some options to try to minimize them. Well opting for wireless connections or organizing and hiding. The problem is that not all wires can be hidden. Because many of them use them to newspapers and in different locations.

The USB charging cable from your Smartphone, the headphones, portable charger, etc. Many candidates throughout the day will compete for the prize for the most tangled of all cable.If you want to end, here are some ideas to avoid annoying tangling cables.

No to tangled cables
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Why get tangled wires?

Prevent tangled wires is impossible unless we take certain measures. According could see the University of California, the movement itself to which they are subjected do that in a rolled cable, shorter sections are introduced in the majors thus causing the mess.

The incessant movement of loose wires in a pocket or backpack make these end entangled…

Anyway, the most interesting were some conclusions like that cables with length less than 46cm or more than 150cm are less likely to tangle. Which already gives us some clues to some extent, to end the tangle of ugly wires tangled together?

First step, reduces the number of cables

The clutter is very annoying. No matter that, Liem carefully without force or tighten … end up entangled. Sometimes, though, it is due to the length of the cable, but on many other occasions because of having several together. Connect the headphones, and then charging mobile, later you remove one and when you go to reconnect it is already mounted mess.

Therefore, the golden rule: minimize the number of cables you need. Like when we saw how to organize the cables on your computer, the first step is to keep only those who really are essential. Your Smartphone, tablet, clock, book reader … possibly all have their own micro USB cable connection. Need to have as many identical cables?

There will be situations or times of day when you will require other hand have both, but they sure are the least. So let us start out there, avoid cables longer.

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Once we are left with the number of necessary cables, if you want to further reduce you can choose to buy any of these cables incorporating different “points” with different connections.

Solutions to prevent cable tangles

We have removed from our sight all those excess cable. Now it will be easier to organize and keep them well controlled. The problem is that usually follow getting involved. Therefore, here are some tricks, hacks and small home accessories to avoid tangles.

The most classic of all is the use of clamps to hold paper. It can be harnessed in various ways. Interesting is placed in a table or shelf where you usually have or cables. Of course, they are also practical for when you are cables that you carry in a backpack or bag.

Of course there are more elaborate solutions such as BlueLounge and CableDrop. Small pieces of plastic with a slit in the center that serves to secure the cable. Typically, cables that have a very large diameter. Ideal for cell phone charger, headphones, etc.

If you want to organize, other somewhat thicker wires then try to LogiLink. Pieces of different sizes that hold the cables individually or in groups.

Another option for low cost and very effective is the Velcro. I admit I am a fan, and it is no wonder. It is convenient to use and offers plenty. With a bit of Velcro you can roll the cable and leave it with the necessary for your everyday size. Same with 30 cm cable you have enough and do not need to reach 120 cm. A solution also handy for organizing other types of cables, if you are interested you find rolls of 5m.

Controlling the cables are always with us

Anything seen before is great, they are solutions to these cables usually we have more or less at a fixed location. It can be our desk, a cabinet in which load devices, etc. However, what happens when those wires going to have to take them with you.

One option is to learn how to roll them correctly. In Lifehacker they published some time ago a video showing different methods for winding cables and avoid tangles. They are effective solutions but either forget or just end up damaging the cable, especially when it comes to headphones.

My three basic solutions, depending on the situation, are as follows. It is nothing new but enough to avoid such trouble.

  • First, when I take the backpack it is to use Grid-it, an accessory that is no more than a set of different sizes with elastic to hold the gadgets and cables. Believe me, it is really useful
  • Reuse box headphones such as the Apple EarPods accessories as Cableyoyo of Bluelounge. Although not the only thing, this manufacturer offers. On their website there are other interesting options as CableClip.
  • The latter is Velcro straps (without press long) to hold each cable individually

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Error when you wrap the cables?Yes and no

By the way, just ask yourself if there is any problem for coil cables too. The quick answer is no, but things first. If your fear is that, they can make coil heat up and catch fire quiet. That would happen only with supply and demand or whenever the current is greater than that which can support the cable. That in domestic environments is often not common, so there is no risk.

For resistance, the cables are prepared to bear but there are always limits. According to the elasticity thereof, we can roll it much but it is always advisable to leave something loose to not force. Above all, we must be very careful with the terminations. The point at which connects cable and connector is the weakest.

In these respects, the manufacturers typically add a “thimble” that prevents excessive bending to break either cable or connections made. So remember, when you go to bend the ends leave them something looser.

Cables, wires and cords

As you can see, solution to the clutter there are all kinds. If you want to spend more or less it depends on you. The important thing is that you can avoid wasting time removing knots the next time you take a wire drawer or backpack.

Of course, if you do not mind buying new, so flat cables are a great anti-tangle option. Due to its characteristics, they are less likely to end up entangled. The problem is that beyond connecting cables is difficult to find in headphones, etc. Of course, either you are going to buy a headset just because I have flat cables, right?

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