PowerEgg: This egg is a drone!


Bored with drones? It is complicated given that they keep teaching us new features, models more capable, initiatives in developing countries, there are even some out there snorkeling. Well, what I teach today has more to do with a new design in the form of egg.

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It’s called PowerEgg and is a creation of PowerVision Robot. As you can see in the pictures and video that we share, the drone hides its arms and is completely collected in a way that certainly will not do you much grace eagles Dutch poly.

The four arms with their propellers fold and is an egg, easy to catch

Come to the drone itself, which is a quadcopter, and therefore has four arms to hide within the particular oval armor.

We understand and tell us they have decided to give this design for easy carrying when not operating, also speak of abetter aerodynamics and lower weight, which is also attributable to the materials used.

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In addition to the folding arms also we have four legs for landing. In each of the extremities we have a generously sized LEDs so that we can more easily guide the drone.

The camera is suspended in the bottom of the drone, nothing bothers you in your field of vision

Do not forget the most commonly used in these flying bugs capacity, the camera, which is hanging on the bottom of the egg, so do not have anything to interfere with your field of vision. Know this much better video…

Leveraging this has introduced a camera that is capable of recording 360 degrees in 4K. The gimbal system and fold into the camera drone.

PowerVision talk about things like a navigation system indoors, or a system much simpler control, but here we can not expand further until the company does not make the actual presentation of the product. For now there is no news on price, we know that will be a reality in the second quarter.

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