Seven practical uses for your Raspberri Pi and how to get in minutes

Raspberri Pi

One mistake can make those who come to a Raspberri Pi first is to misinterpret their chances because of their small size and price. But the possibilities are immense, and with something as simple as changing a SD card.

In this collection you propose seven practical uses for your Raspberri Pi newly released and that can be achieved in a matter of minutes thanks to the different systems and images that can be installed on SD cards. In most cases we propose, the distribution includes an installer for PC that fully facilitates the creation of the SD card ready for use.

Raspberri Pi
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1. Mediacenter

It is probably the most common use or at least the one that is used without excessive cost of a Raspberri Pi. And where almost everyone have one of these teams think to buy it. It shows in the amount of specific solutions to convert a Raspberri Pi into a media center.

The most exclusive, purpose – built for this use, is OpenELEC, which only exists to run XBMC. But there are many others like OSMC or RasPlex. In all cases there is ready to use installer.

2. Emulator consoles

Not many users have resisted the temptation to turn any screen is a Retro console using a Raspberri Pi. As with multimedia centers, distributions that can be found are quite numerous and of all kinds.

We can choose to Lakka, the official Linux distro RetroArch with the most varied emulators for Sega, NES, SNES and Gameboy, and even classics for two or a more modern game such as PlayStation or PSP. We can also opt for other solutions such as rearfoot or RecalBox, which is compatible with controls of the Xbox or Playstation via USB.

3. Computer Children

Because of its low cost and DIY philosophy, the Raspberri Pi is a good solution as computers for schools or children we have at home. Here the undisputed queen of the distros is Kano.

Based on a draft collective financing of the most interesting, if we have a Raspberri Pi we just download the installer Kano and prepare an SD that will convert the RPI on a PC with a friendly interface, a version for Rpi Minecraft, different and entertainment applications to Scratch.

4. WiFi access point

Perhaps the chosen option for your Raspberri Pi is something to take advantage without realizing it. How about creating your own point of access WiFi or configuration economically and fully customizable repeater to improve the WiFi signal in your house?

The most direct and complete solution today is Pi-Point, whose image can assemble yourself if you have some experience with the Raspberri Pi or buy directly from an SD they send you home for about 10 dollars. For now there is no automatic installer.

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5. Music wirelessly on any computer

Music has an excellent relationship with the Raspberri Pi. There you have for example Volumio an excellent distribution to have a music player dedicated reading any unit that you connect for very little. But we can also choose to set up an exchange system wireless audio streaming.

The distro that makes this possible is called Pi MusicBox and with a little skill could create you solutions music wirelessly from services like Spotify or Google Music for very little.

6. Server

No noise and a very low consumption, if you need a PC that acts as server without many requirements, there are several solutions. A specific is PressPi, ideal for mounting WordPress your way. For more general the most sensible solution is to have a generic system as Raspbian and configure the server with some previous knowledge.

7. NAS

NAS in the world, OpenMediaVault is one of the Linux distributions greater acceptance and travel. And it has its adaptation for Raspberri Pi, so we can use our device as the base of a home NAS we manage us without complex configurations within other systems such as Raspbian, everything from the browser and as with any other NAS with advanced operating system. Visit more tips.

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