The fashion backpack computers, this is the HP Omen X VR

Fashion backpack

MSI announced yesterday its first computer backpack way and it seems that was not the only brand that was working on a “portable” computer of this type. Although for now is a prototype and test the first units will not be available within a month, HP will include in its new line Omen your own backpack computer, the HP Omen X VR.

Fashion backpack
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Why a backpack computer? The answer is easy: the virtual reality. To use glasses like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you have to connect to a powerful computer. If it is fixed, the cable may bother you and you can even trip over it. If you carry the computer on, things change. The final design, yes, you can change something about the prototype they have taught, which for now is this: a prototype.

Inside, the specifications are as you would expect from a computer ready to meet the requirements of the main VR glasses market (after all it is their function). It has an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 32GB of memory and a graphics card that has not yet specified but must be sufficiently advanced to work with virtual reality devices.

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And you do not have to plug it? No, that would take the grace to not have to walk pending cables. They carry two batteries (one for CPU and one for the graphics card) that give total autonomy of one hour. When finished, yes, you can exchange them for others to continue playing without the PC is turned off (it takes a third internal battery only for that). By weight they have not given much information, unless it is below 4.5kg.

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