Five WordPress Tips To Improve Your Site

If youve started blogging just recently, you probably see what the big deal is all about, as it can be addictive and fun. With just a minimum of know-how, it is possible to set up a WordPress blog with a crisp template; but to experience the full range of what this premier blogging platform has to offer, you would need to become much more familiar with the ins and outs of the plug-ins and capabilities, perhaps through WordPress classes. As a start, here are 5 WordPress tips that can help you add functionality and jazz to your blog to make it stand out:

  1. Employ the services of WordPress classes to show you how to put a StumbleUpon icon on your site, so that visitors can click on it. Why? Because StumbleUpon is one of the most highly-regarded websites on the internet, and lets people stumble through websites based on their pre-set personal preferences (although it also allows you to stumble sites that arent in your preferences). It has been shown that web-pages can spread like wildfire among groups of stumblers; quickly ratcheting up a websites popularity. They tend to send it to all their friends and networks, which qualifies as exponential growth. Your goal in building a website is to get it seen by your fellow humans for whatever reason; whether youre selling a product, or simply sharing your life with the world so help them help you: get a StumbleUpon widget!
  2. If you arent very well versed with blogging platforms, WordPress classes can help you learn things such as template modification. A beautiful landing page definitely keeps your visitors interested, and more inclined to click through to other pages of your site, for we humans are visual creatures. More often than not, it doesnt require a massive amount of technical know-how by any stretch to tweak your WordPress plugins and even the HTML code that determines your sites layout, but it does take a little bit of instruction. WordPress classes can not only teach you how to beautify your site, but you can then take this knowledge to online merchant sites and sell your newly-acquired website design skills to help others for a fee.
  3. Be sure to add multiple sharing icons on your website or blog; these facilitate the spread of your message. Whenever someone visits your site, if they like the content, it is very likely that they will take a moment to send it to their friends on any one of the numerous social media sites, such as the very biggest one, Facebook. WordPress classes can teach you how to integrate your blog with a Facebook Like box, displaying your friends and inviting visitors that reach your site via Google Search to join you social network. Furthermore, it tends to be highly customizable, enabling you to notify your entire network of friends of recent updates on your blog, with the click of a button. Additionally, sharing icons today usually have nearly every major social media site in a drop down menu, so the installation of one reveals you to a whole new world of possible contacts across multiple platforms.
  4. WordPress classes can teach you the all-important method search engine optimization (SEO), which is actually aided by a special WordPress plugin called the All-In-One SEO Pack, which does a big part of the tedious process of optimization for you though not nearly all of it. There are certain elements called meta-tags and keyword headings, etc, that a beginner might initially find daunting, but which are absolutely essential to getting your blog noticed and ranked by the search engines, which just means more people will be able to find it by typing in keywords. It is one thing to have great content; quite another to have large numbers of visitors. You need to learn how to optimize your site in order to bring traffic to it; your content is what will keep them there.
  5. Lastly although there are many more consider adding a WordPress Post Ratings plugin to your blog. This lets your readers feel like a part of the community, giving their input on the content theyve just read. Just as importantly, this feature allows you to improve on your posts, which will eventually lead to a wider and even more loyal base. The feedback will be invaluable, whether you are a product marketer or you share recipes.

All these plugins and tips function to make your blogging experience more pleasurable and interactive, which is the way to go if youre interested in longevity in cyberspace. Visit for more tips.

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