This is augmented reality Target 2 that wants to compete with HoloLens

Target 2

We have the recent announcement of Microsoft and its HoloLens, which begin receiving reservations for the modest price of $3000, and now they appear alternatives. The case in question, known as Target 2, also plays with augmented reality and is significantly more affordable. Is he up to it?

Complicated discuss these issues without having the chance to prove it, but reviewing specifications we can say that good manners Target 2 points. For now anticipate that your reserve price is US $949, and not until the third quarter to get one.

Target 2
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What is Target 2? We assume that everyone understands what we talk about, but a quick explanation will not come wrong: we are facing a helmet augmented reality i.e. has a screen that represents graphics on the reality before us, and we generated with these elements we can interact.

I think it is clear, it allows us to represent elements without losing eye contact with other people, and what we stay where we are. Target 2 recognizes our hands in space and used to move objects recreated.

Some interesting details and technical specifications to note: front camera capable of recording information in 720p format, sensors for recognition of hand gestures, four speakers around the ears, control brightness and volume, a cable 3 meters which will power and data.

Not exactly the same as HoloLens

Mainly one reason: need a computer powerful to make it work; hence, the cable is out of the hull in the artwork accompanying this article presentation.

There gadget Microsoft will win the game all rivals, it is autonomous and Windows 10 load without external help. In addition to battery operated, moving wirelessly with a battery life of three hours.

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Where does have a point gained Target 2 is on the screen, at least from the point of view of the specifications. Its creators insist that their field of view is 90 degrees, which is double that can project HoloLens, and possibly its weakest point. It also has a higher resolution, up to the 2560×1440 pixels.

The third major difference is in the Spatial mapping; a representation system that supports and enables melt HoloLens holograms with real elements of stay. In Target 2 you could also get, but for now just floating in space.

It currently has support Windows applications such as Office, Adobe Creative Suite or Spotify, and work in the OS X version, which will be available, later this year. Comment that what sells for $ 949 is the team with the developer tools: Target 2 Development Kit.

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