If there was any doubt, the new Wii U is Nintendo GameCube sales

Wii U

We have very recently the announcement of new products by the Big N. As usual, presents quite interesting for each of the consoles still standing titles, but it seems insufficient to get re-float Wii U, much less to cut field with the competition.

It is a fact that sales and profits are down, we were understanding the latest results of the Japanese company relatively recently, and it was clear that they lacked powerful titles to make noise at Christmas time.

Wii U
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No games consoles not sold and we can almost say that bears a resemblance to the GameCube way, but worse. It is not our intention to evaluate qualities and experience, that Nintendo and a than enough, here we present sales data, pure and hard.

ZhugeEX leaves us quite clear in the following comparative graph, in it the evolution of sales seen for weeks and Wii U GameCube. Leaving aside the first month, the rest of the time has been running the older console best:

Already in 2014, we could do a similar analysis of sales performance: Wii U was more like that Wii GameCube. We would have liked a much better performance and a catalog of AAA titles and third parties more powerful and updated, but Nintendo will rhythm, a cadence that does not allow you to follow the progress of Microsoft, much less than Sony. Fortunately with the original Wii or 3DS different, the thing has fared much better.

You can see the evolution of Wii U in time, until December last year. If you sound strange that Q3 2015 has to do with the Japanese close the fiscal year now. It is found that both titles and hardware, the Christmas season – Q3 – are pushing sales of the year:

Making room on the shelves

If we take a look at the Japanese market, we hear reports that speak of few units of Wii U in stores. According to Nikkei, since early, this year is the Nintendo itself that does not reset and low prices, trying to clear the existing stock, which is not units, remain unsold.

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Nintendo says that there is no movement to accelerate the death of its current console, not with prices, or with stock. For some are indications that we must make room for new consoles.

When you will NX?

Of Nintendo NX has talked enough, but with little food. Know neither specifications nor specific dates, not even the format console to be, as the Japanese company could surprise us with a mix of laptop and desktop.

Everything indicates that you have to go until the end of year for it to become a real product in some markets. However, quite another thing is when we will know, for that, we must wait for June, Nintendo will reveal something there during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016.

We hope that the next generation walk faster, make a better job of marketing, and if possible, create a technically more like competition console: Nintendo knows get juice with their titles, but for multi-platform games, may not appear with the worst option. The latest rumors suggest AMD as creator of the main hardware.

We do not forget the second major commitment of the company for 2016: mobile. Much attention on Miitomo, coming out this March. Marks the beginning of a new strategy in the history of a conservative company with its resources. The game is being developed by the company DeNA and will be free-to-play.

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