This plug is responsible for the tedious task of restarting the router when WiFi fails

WiFi router plug

Everyone has happened to us, we hired a certain speed with our internet service provider either at home or in any business, but there are times when it seems we are sailing with a dial-up 56K modem, then comes the moment to call the service center where the first thing we ask is: have you already restarted the router?

Restart is basic and you could say that the most ancient of all solutions, where most of the time we see the problem solved, and in the case of routers is common. But what if we had a device that was monitoring our connection and in case of failures take care of restarting the router? Sounds good right? For that device exists and is called ResetPlug.

WiFi router plug
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Your task is to always have good connection

ResetPlug is a creation of the company MultiNet, who has developed a very interesting solution to our problems connecting leads to the need to reset the modem or router of our Internet provider. This is a plug that will connect our router and then connect it to the mains, we, as a kind of bridge.

The interesting thing is that this plug maintains a constant monitoring of the quality of our internet connection, and when it detects a decrease in the rate or fall, cut the electricity to reset the modem and try to solve the fault, which serves they are necessary to solve the problem and the connection is restored in full.

ResetPlug connects to neutral network as a device and only needs a basic configuration via a web client, so we will not need complicated configurations or additional devices to make such a restart, even a mobile app, because this plug works completely independently and automatically.

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Some considerations regarding this plug must be taken into account as it only works on the 2.4 GHz band, i.e. if we have a router that only operates on the 5GHz ResetPlug will not be compatible; on the other hand, it works only low open authentication methods, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK, so it will not support WEP or WPS, plus it is compatible with 802.11 b / g / n / ac.

According to its creators, ResetPlug consumes about 60MB per month with monitoring, something that does not harm our data consumption if we had any limit. This device is available from the manufacturers website for a price of $ 60, and for the moment is only available for connections to America, but already advance us that are working in international versions that will come later.

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