Use your fingers inside virtual worlds will be possible thanks to these gloves

Virtual worlds gloves

2016 will be the year to bring us the first commercial virtual reality devices, with products confirmed by Oculus and HTC, although we are still waiting for Sony to publicize all the information on your PlayStation VR. Meanwhile, already begin to emerge the first clues and developments looking to create accessories to interact in these new virtual worlds.

Most virtual reality devices offer a rather poor interaction, for example in the kit Oculus need an Xbox controller, while for the HTC Vive will use a pair of wireless controllers, these being offered a better experience of interaction. However, for total immersion in virtual worlds, we need to use our hands and fingers, and that is precisely the idea of this glove.

Manus VR

Since early 2015 the Dutch startup Manus Machina presented a first prototype gloves of virtual interaction that during E3 that year showed a more complete version that was compatible with the Oculus Rift, but its creators mentioned that the final version would reach shortly after the release of the version of the glasses, that is, it’s time.

Now the small company has changed the name to simply Manus VR, and has announced that they finally have ready the first version for developers, available for booking in the coming weeks, with the idea being sent during the third quarter of this year.

This development kit will cost $ 250, and will include a USB dongle, a pair of gloves and two supports, one for each hand, where the drivers of the Live HTC will be placed, because this version will not be compatible with Oculus, but with the commitment of HTC and Valve, it is offering an interaction that so far there has Oculus kit.

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This version of gloves fail the tracking system’s own glasses HTC, plus sensors mapping standing in the room, this will allow us to use our hands and move each finger in virtual worlds, plus now these gloves are thinner, comfortable, have a range of up to eight hours and have a vibration motor to provide haptic feedback.

The development kit, plus gloves, includes an open source SDK, with which developers can add support to their games and applications, and create compatible and specific experiences. Its creators hope to have the final version of the gloves to early 2017s, at which time would go on sale for anyone.

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