Nvidia Shield Android TV, Android has enough TV and streaming games to compete

Nvidia Shield

In our TVs missing HDMI ports for such machine.Between consoles and entertainment centers, the catalog current clunkers is really overwhelming and the available supply and forces us to tread lightly to opt for one option or another.ChooseChromecastor point to a set-top box Apple TV style.Go for a console or settle something likeNvidia Shield.

Anyway, opt forNvidia Shieldwould be kilometers settle for little, ofcourse, not only proves that machine halfway between the simplicity of mobile games and the power of a next -generation console: it can also be a supplement to consider for your entertainment in the lounge.

Nvidia Shield
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Nvidia Shield Android TV, technical specifications

Nvidia Shieldis the latest effort of the brand to bring their ideas to a point where, under the power of traditional consoles and PC, offers more than enough options to become accessory to expand the spectrum of each player.

OS Android TV
PROCESSOR Tegra X1 with 256 cores
PORTS Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, two USB 3.0 (Type A), micro USB 2.0 and microSD slot

Nvidia, in his day, invited us to play on mobile in conditions with command and also introduced atabletthat aspired to handheld.Now does the same offering oneentertainment centerAndroid TVthat besides allowing us toplay Android games console, also gives us the ability to view multimedia content such as Netflix broadcasts or photo slideshows from yourlast vacation.

A console that does not clash in your living room

An elegant and exquisite presentation opens the doors to a platform sufficiently thin and small size (25 x 210 x 130mm) for placement in the room isnot a problem.LinesNvidia Shield, forming triangles and matt mirror effect, are beautiful and elegant, and only a green LED that illuminates one of the top corners hint atthe youthful character who hide their guts.

Too bad Android TV options to take advantage ofthem, at least in our country, are not too spectacular.Letssay in this field willalways be as good as its operating system platform permits, andAndroid TVis still far from being a perfect ecosystem.

Luckily, beyond its operating system, there are many more possibilities that can opt for purchasing, one of which isthe 4K experience that allows its Tegra X1 chip if youhave a compatible TV.The picture quality is amazing, yes, but does not have a catalog on their backs capable of supporting the decision.Beyond the57 options4K we can find on Netflix, streaming videos or YouTube 4K Ultra HD tests TVE, the chances of this quality viewing in our country are somewhat scarce.

What remains, therefore, it is toremain true to thespirit of the pileup and try to meettheir merits playable level.Hole in which wefind the real reasons able to tip the balance on its possible acquisition against other market options.

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When visualize your gamer spirit is irremediable start your pad, inherited from that first approach to portable consoles and evolved on arrival at the tablet K1, clashes with that style successful, this being a huge and clumsy command , despite its convenience when get to play thanks to the inspiration that offered by Xbox pad, it isfar from living up in terms of design.

It works like a charm if we decide to ignore the times that the response of its touch panels are not as fast as we would like, these being occasionally inconvenient for navigating the Android menu but never a problem to time to play.There, except for volume control, interaction is limited to the usual buttons.

Android games and casual face Nvidia Shield

Ascend your choices from the more casual branch offers Nvidia Shield, the installation ofgames purely Android, such as those found in our mobile, and enjoy themon thebig screen.Step a good time playing ‘crossy road’ and’Pac-Man 256′ with the buttons Shield Remote, and certify how good that feels games like ‘Modern Combat 5’ or ‘Implosion’ having a controller in yourhands and a flatface retinas.

I do itso soon after pulling my hair to see that I cannot download other games like ‘Hearthstone’ to play from the TV.I do not know if itis a problem of laziness by Blizzard or options by Android TV, but who loses is Nvidia Shield to see reduced its total catalog and disappointment invites me to jump level.

In addition to the simplest Android games, NVidia Shield has versions of larger titles, so to continue totest what they offer downloads Google Play Store opto titles such as ‘Borderlands 2’, ‘Resident Evil 5’ or ‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’, all inAndroid versions multivitamins that, for less than 20 euros, make Nvidia Shield on a nearby device to a PS3 or Xbox 360.

However other games inthe catalog of adaptations is limited to indie options like ‘Not a Hero’or undemanding games like ‘The Walking Dead’ of Telltale.Nvidia needs toput to work in his studio Lightspeed to embrace more ports as mentioned above, orreach more agreements to reach more games consolein Android format.

Nvidia streaming Netflix brings us closer to a game

With everything and that wewill remain infront of a device used as asupplement, not as areplacement for the current consoles, so the only option that gives us Nvidia Shield to make the most playable level is pray to thegod of fiber our connection support theirtwo streaming services.

The first isGameStreamthat connection via Nvidia GTX cards, allows you to access the collection of games from your PC without too many headaches beyond the problems caused by this type of reproduction streaming.Never be thesame to have the computer infront and spikes connection can cause the graphics quality suffers momentary havoc that could probably save with simpler and significantly cheaper measures.

The other isNVIDIA Geforce NOW, a streaming service formerly known as GRID which, after three months of free trial will allow us toaccess a large collection of games for a subscription of 10 euros per month.

Although the same service can pay for more recent titles like ‘Mad Max’ or’The Witcher 3′, the most interesting way is to keep trying gradually a catalog of jewelry with tradition as’ Alpha Protocol ” Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine ‘or’ Sleeping Dogs’ while recent indies as Jotun explode or burn complete sagas such as’ Batman: Arkham ‘or’ Darksiders’.

Frankly, no complaints about the quality of service by connecting 300 Mb, butstill not the same as having the game installedwithin the device and the network factor is a very important point to consider before throwing ourselves headlong into Nvidia Shield for offering something like aNetflix games.

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