HP points to the most demanding players in its cube, you will find the best design inside and out

HP Cube

With gamescom 2016 just around the corner computer manufacturers are beginning to show their teams created with the mind set on playing, yesterday we show the striking cube and powerful all-in-one from Lenovo, and today it you to turn to another major, HP.

‘Hewlett-Packard’ does not seem to be the first choice for discerning players, there is always a mark above in the election, but that they want to change with this type of product. The American company enters the game space with a peculiar device design, which does not put difficulty we open and weimprove with time.

The device is called Omen X Desktop – there is also a portable – and as you can see, is a cube generously sized, with a design perfectly suited to players with aggressive lines and a good portion of configurable LEDs. In it fit all the elements necessary to deal with the two names in the fashion world ‘gaming’: 4K resolution and virtual reality.

HP Cube
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Apart from specifications, which demands our attention is here shaped design cube provisions of 45 degrees – is held with one foot -. It has certain slots that can be accessed without tools, and for those elements that do need them, HP series offers us. We also need to highlight the wiring system employee, or lighting control Omen.

It does not averse either AMD or Nvidia

As usual in this type of product, there will be different possible configurations, but we are going to meet the striking options, such as the Intel Core i7 processor, flanked by 32GB of RAM, 3TB storage HDD and 512GB format SSD. Nor is wrong USB ports, up to ten units, of which eight are 3.0 (and two of them USB-C).

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We have the choice between graphics cards from major competitors: the same would put an AMD Radeon RX480, which opt for an Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX or a Radeon R9 Fury in dual configuration. For all tastes, with liquid cooling for the system to work at the ideal temperature.

HP also introduces a design divided into three compartments the Omen, so that the components are better insulated and refrigerated, as each system has its additional ventilation. There are up to three 120 mm fans. As for power supply, it comes with a series of 600W, and there is an option of up to 1.300W.

HP Cube
Image Source: Google Image

In October from $1800

How much does this bicharraco? For the price put you on the website of HP US is $1799 in its basic configuration, which will be available in October. With NVidia is quickly up above $2100.

One of the highlights of the HP move is the possibility of acquiring the box, developed with people of Maingear. The box is priced Omen X, empty, $600. One possibility for those who want to start installing the device from scratch.

Screen and accessories

Accompanying his departure we have the presentation of a curved monitor HP itself, within the same family, in fact is called Omen X Curved Display. Not much information about it, only it supports NVidia G-Sync system and we will wait to 2017 to see it in the market.

In collaboration with the Danish firm SteelSeries will also introduce a good serving of accessories that will match the Omen equipment. They all appear in mid-September, available on the website of HP.

A headset Omen for $80, $100 a keyboard, a mouse for $60, and a surface for the mouse for $20. High prices but chords to what is paid for material level in the gaming world.

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