Playing with a computer-backpack is expensive, gives us ninety minutes of action


We have little idea of how far you are arriving this way, but until they invent an impressive wireless connectivity – something there by HTC – the virtual reality requires very powerful computers that can carry hanging, with all its well – connected cables to the hull. In the past year, they have flourished some computers-backpack that solve the ballot, and among the most interested in developing them is brand MSI.

We were playing with their proposals before the summer, now the proposal is taking shape with prices, specifications, and early experiences, so we believe it is time to cool down the issue. In fact MSI offered for sale worldwide, while between the points where available, starting bid at $2,000.

For now, it seems expensive computers in the back, but the MSI VR One gets us a whole computer gaming in a package that finally weighs just under 3.6 kilos, and we can say that is relatively thin: 54 mm.

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Autonomy was one of the critics to know points, and until now it was not clear whether there was enough space there to get a good start: we have a pair of batteries attached to the backpack facing a life of ninety minutes of play to stop performance.

Enough? It seems that yes, these batteries can be replaced, in case someone gives to have more than one and lengthen the experience. We must comment that the team has a power output to place glasses who need it, as in the case of HTC Vive.

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It can be converted into a normal computer

There is always the possibility of using the computer as a normal computer, from placing batteries and a power supply like the one we have in a laptop.

As a backpack it is, it is necessary to create a breathing chamber between our back and the equipment, which is designed to isolate the user from the heat output

We have plenty of power to play or run demanding applications. In this mode you can place up to three 4K displays via HDMI, DisplayPort connectors and ThunderBolt 3. There are also four USB 3.0 ports.

Another of the details to work on the part of the engineers of MSI is that of the sound that emits the computer, since if we are going to carry it to slopes, better that is silent. One VR moves around 40dBA , a figure that is well considering that there is an Intel processor inside ‘overclocked’ sixth generation, namely a Core i7 6820HK , and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 10.

Entering job details say that the ‘basic’ model carries a 256GB SSD drive, and graphics GTX 1060 with 6GB of RAM, while the superior option SSD memory is bent, and sticks a GTX 1070 with 8GB Of RAM. They are $ 2,000 and $ 2,300 respectively.

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