What do revolutionary speakers have to Devialet to interest Renault, Foxconn or Jay Z?


Perhaps you have not heard about this French startup, but are immersed in one of the most powerful rounds of funding 100 million dollars coming from quite different companies, all interested in their special sound technology.

Devialet whose main claim speakers, medium size and striking appearance, but contain technology that everyone wants to control. We will give some names of investors to measure the magnitude of this: is the fellow Renault, also Foxconn with Sharp, or Global Playground, incubator Andy Rubin. Comment that the Android creator bought 50 speakers for his company.

I have given several examples of people who support the Devialet, but then extrapolate that are interesting for the car, also for home, and why not, the palm of our hands. The list can be extended with names like Naver Korean group, the American Roc Nation, which is the entertainment company of Jay Z, and other French investors.

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Recognition of the work of the Parisian company can be summarized with its 61 international awards and outstanding reviews of important musicians, but also in the 107 patents surrounding the technology audio small speaker. We did not say the name, but those speakers are called Phantom, and lead to the sale since late 2015.

Expansion in products and territories

What do you want those extra 100 million? For Devialet wants to extend its field of action, both in products and geographically. They will take steps in the field of automotive, touch teles, and certainly will do something with the Internet of things. Possibly, we present soon an alliance with a name, and obviously strengthen its R & D.

The expansion plans talk about selling in Asia, also in more points in Europe and the United States. The sale is done in two ways: own centers and premium points of other chains. The first case has to do with the Inmersive Rooms, which are establishments designed to reproduce the best sound experience.

To give us an idea of the recent growth of the company, we know that currently comprises 230 employees, which is twice what they were a year ago. It will close this fiscal year with 66 million dollars.

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What’s so special?

It is difficult to answer the question that titles us, but all the arguments we describe a revolutionary sound system: the quality perceived by the size achieved. We have not had the chance to test them under conditions, but I think there are reasons to trust.

Devialet presumes to include in a reduced space much power, as much as four times more than an equivalent model in size.

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There are three models of speakers, with two different output powers, but same design: Phantom, Silver, Gold. Its creators have wanted to include amplifiers and speakers in the same unit, which as you can see in the images, is not especially great for what it offers.

The symmetrical arrangement of the speakers is studied with the intent that vibration canceling one to the other. The three speakers use the same technology and the same transducers aluminum, but differ essentially in power delivery. The simplest model incorporates an amplifier of 750 watts and reaches a sound pressure of 99 dB, and the Silver Phantom reaches 3000 watts and 105 dB slashing. The top of the range, Gold, reaches 4,500 watts.

Inside these boxes reside one converter D / A signals PCM1798 supports 24 – bit and 192 kHz, an ARM dual – core processor and 512 MB of DDR3 memory. As you can see, they look more like a computer than a speaker. But what really makes them different are the HBI (Heart Bass Implosion), ADH Intelligence (Analog Digital Hybrid) and SAM (Speakers Active Matching) technologies.

On paper, the Phantom is able to achieve a tremendous sound pressure level with minimal distortion. In addition, they have Ethernet and WiFi 802.11b / g / n connectivity.

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