Raspberry Pi into an arcade command is all you need to mount the portable recreation

Raspberry Pi gaming control

We will not bore you see gadgets built around different versions of Raspberry Pi, especially if the projects have to do with video games, as is the case. Hacker House has created an arcade command in which there is room for a whole system emulation.

Who says an arcade command, he speaks of the typical slot machine lever buttons accompanied by a generous size, ready to be pummeled without finesse. If we put all that in one case, we turn it into a portable computer that can connect wherever there is a screen with HDMI input.

Raspberry Pi gaming control
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What we like the project Hack House is giving us all the steps to get replicate, since the necessary parts, to the way of linking each other: load software emulation, ‘map’ ports and connections, install the ROM, etc. You can follow the DIY particularly in the following video:

The result is a box of small dimensions with which to enjoy emulators, which would not have been wrong a few more buttons for games, or at least a few others for configurations. It is something that can be fixed easily in new versions or by someone who has expertise in these conflicts, but I will leave.

But there is a simpler solution that breaks a bit the simplicity of the equipment: put a controller additional control through the USB that is free from the Raspberry Pi. It is something that also opens the doors to the multiplayer.

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For emulation is pulled system backfoot, with a more than proven functionality on the plate Raspberry Pi, which this time is version 3. The latest version of the plate adds WiFi and Bluetooth, so still you could get something done more interesting with it with respect to control. It would be perfectly possible to do this project with previous versions.

Diagrams and necessary codes are in the Github project page, and that cannot find a similar case, it can be printed on 3D the same as you see in the video, without the need to drill holes

Time Machine if you want it done

Our proposal is much cheaper than buying a similar idea that is already created by a company, such as the Time Machine of Toad. For 200 dollars we offer a wooden frame with a stronger keypad and a Raspberry Pi 3 inside, with 32GB microSD memory card, and software Emulation Station.

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