Relive the magic of this little retro video game console-like Atari


The market for retro objects has grown dramatically in recent years, this thanks to a major fan base able to spend thousands of dollars on items that bring back those old glories, ranging from vinyl records, televisions, tape cassette, to video games, which is undoubtedly the most important industry in this market.

Dream Arcades is a company that has become famous for recondition old arcade machines, as well as the manufacture of new arcade machines, who are also some old acquaintances in Kickstarter and who are now filing their campaign finance number 14, with which they seek make a wonderful, tiny retro console capable of playing a lot of games in a wide variety of consoles.

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Replay Classic Dreamcade

The project itself comes in three versions with a base that focuses on which have called Dreamcade Replay Classic, a small console – like Atari 2600 that fits in the palm of the hand, but it has everything you need to create a retro experience never seen before in a single console.

The Dreamcade Replay Classic is powered by Windows 10 and has a software specifically created to mount a wide range of emulators ranging from Pong to Playstation, through all the consoles that have emerged in all those years, also it comes with hundreds of games loaded so that when we have it in the hands only we connect and go. In addition to this, the software allows us to download new games and store them in an orderly fashion by console, year or version, so it will be easy to have everything within reach.

This console is designed to be compatible with any TV new generation, which has HDMI connection, plus Ethernet, WiFi, two USB 2.0 ports and one 3.0, Bluetooth, SD card reader to load ROMs, audio output and two ports for Atari or Sega controls. It is driven by an Intel processor 2GHz with 4GB RAM and has an internal memory of 64GB.

But it is not just a video game console, and thanks to Windows you can install various applications such as Netflix or other services to access music, movies and TV shows easily. The Dreamcade Replay Classic is priced at Kickstarter campaign of 289 dollars, which is also a Bluetooth wireless controller is included.

Dreamcade Replay Arcade Edition

But if they are of looking to an even more retro experience, we Dreamcade Replay Arcade Edition, which includes the Classic console but with a beautiful arcade command wood with joystick, buttons and even trackball for pointer or some games.

The price of this beauty goes up to $399, just for campaign financing.

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Replay Dreamcade Mobile

And finally we have the Dreamcade Replay Mobile, which is a replica of a gaming machine miniature made of wood, complete with lighted marquee, which is driven by the Classic console, where you are adding an IPS screen 8 – inch 4:3, its own HDMI connection if we connect it to a TV or monitor and joystick buttons with lighting.

It has USB ports for connecting other external controls, Bluetooth of course, WiFi and a battery that promises a range of up to 6 hours of continuous play. The price of this machine is $599 and so far only has the design you see in the pictures.

The campaign has just started in Kickstarter where they have set a goal of $ 85,000. Note that all prices do not include shipping, so the price may increase depending on the region of the world where it will send.

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