Acer Predator 8: Can a tablet differentiate through gaming?

Acer Predator 8

Mobile games have proven tobe a juicy pie for developers and users, but so far, there were many proposals on smartphones or tablets to try to bet on a dedicated hardware for this facet.That is precisely what makes theAcer Predator 8(GT-810), a tablet that belongs to the family of solutionsgaming manufacturer.

We have had the opportunity to analyze itin detail to find out if the items that Acer has combined in this model are enough to convince the public that wants tosqueeze their mobile games.Can they do this tablet?The answer then.

A differential design, but not quite round

The Acer Predator 8 shows their intentions from the start.Its design is not that of a conventional tablet, and is spiced with details that are very specific to the family of gaming solutions for this manufacturer.

Usual lines of these devices are added important details.The most important is that form of the corners where the four-speaker system in a maroon and with that curious rhomboid shape makes clear the differentiation of this device.There are more details, such as the prominent logo on the back and the two grip areas (grip) to securely hold the device while playing.

This design features the on / off and volume control on one of the long sides, and also with a headphone jack and MicroUSB port USB -nothing-C on top.In the other long side wefind the Micro SD slot, and concludes that design details with the rear chamber havinga slight (and inexplicable) protrusion.

The format of the tablet is curious, but those corners that Acer has added to highlight in this section are not entirely well resolved, especially sincethey are somewhat sharper than normal (or desirable): hold the tablet or catch can be somewhat annoying on certain occasions, and to take a strong -not puncture, but appreciably may be more common than we would like.The design is striking, of course, but that should not harm ergonomics.Quite the opposite.

Acer Predator 8
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Specifications and performance: Expecting more of a tablet dedicated to games

Usually when you talk about games and gaming equipment and devices for the idea that comes to mind onthe fundamental requirement is “power”.That cannot be true in mobile gaming, but certainly a product dedicated to this segment should take care ofthis section … and if it does, itis because the needs are indeed other in this type of device.

This is not necessarily, so in theAcer Predator 8, which has a good processor Intel Atom -ax7-Z8700quad-core 1.6 GHz- also integrates a GPU Intel HD Graphics to 200 MHz base frequency work.In this processor will accompany ** ** 2GB RAM -a rather discreet amount, but enough and 32GB of storage capacity which fortunately can beexpanded with a Micro SD card.

Physical dimensions 217.9 x 127 x 8.6 mm (353.8 grams)
Screen IPS 8 inches
Resolution 1,920 x 1,200 (283 dpi)
Processor Intel Atom x7-Z8700 quad-core 1.6GHz
Memory 32 GB (expandable to 256 GB via microSD other)
Software version Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n (AzureWave AW-AH691)
Cameras 5 Mpixel rear camera, 2 megapixel front
Battery 4,420 mAh

However, as discussed in performance results, these hardware specificationsare not spectacular.In a way we could not wait much longer, because the tablet was presented at IFA 2015 in early September last year and then micros like Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 were not yet ready to offer all its features.

The computer battery has a capacity of 4420 mAh, which offers certain guarantees … if we do not squeeze the device in what is its theoretical function, play.It is in those moments when as expected no miracles, andplay Asphalt 8 an hour ago that capacity byabout 30% lower.

For a more conventional and unplayed games intensively use we extend that range to about six and ahalf hours: again decent but not especially remarkable.It notes that the Intel Atomalso affects the warmingwhen we played intensively, something, which is, actually common to other devices.

If there isa section in which Acer obviouslydid not want toinvest many resources it is in the chambers.The Predator 8 integrates a 5 Mpixel sensor on the back as we said, with a slight protrusion does not seem necessary in this case and one of 2 Mpixels for the front.Photos can take us outof trouble if we have good light conditions, but ofcourse that’s not the feature that stands out in this tablet that aspires to other things.

In terms of connectivity, we haveanother small disappointment: the integrated controller has WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n support, something that is acceptable … for less ambitious devices.However, we are talking about a product for a more demanding use, and their own attention to multimedia screen and sound –for factor should have been conjugated to an 802.11ac chip.

Atom performance x7-Z8700 is certainly acceptable: we obtained an index of 76,345 points AnTuTu, while the Predator Geekbench 8986 pulled single mode core and 3181 for multicore.In those tests they were joinedinteresting graphic resultssuch as that offered in the test 3DMark 11 Ice Storm Unlimited: In this evaluation tablet achieved a score of 22,812.

All these synthetic tests make clear that itwill be difficult that we find titles that the tablet does not move smoothly, butcertainly are not extraordinary, especially now that the generation of products based on micros as the aforementioned Snapdragon 820 marked differences with the previous generation.

Here the choice of an Atom surprising, and for example its rival in thisremarkable performance, but not outstanding(Antutu – 76,345 Geekbench -. 986 / 3,181, 3DMark 11 Unlimited Ice Storm – 22,812), its competitor,Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 offers increased performance and options as interesting as the PC game streaming (if we have a compatible NVIDIA NVIDIA card with GameStrewam technology).

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The bet is not in power

A Acer seems not to care too much, because where they wanted tofocus the benefits of your gaming experience is sound, and touch screen experience.We have already mentioned about the presence of those flashyfour speakers Predator Quadio, but logically rather than their impact on design matters their impact on the experience of using the tablet.

The truth is that the speakers have good sound quality, but here itis better not expect many surprises: the size of these speakers and the absence of lowmakes the sound is good in the midrange.No noticeable distortion when playing games, music or video and even high volumes the quality is good, and certainly all help MediaMaster small utility that lets youconfigure both display parameters such as volume and speakers.

In the tactile experience, we arenot referring to the sensitivity of the screen, but Acer has addedhaptic sensorsthat act similar to systems such as force feedback in game controls.In certain events of a game we notice a vibration consistent with that action that certainly adds acertain degree of playability and fun.Thatsright: the feature is only supported by Asphalt 8 (included in the pack) and Vainglory (which is not), andare developers who will have to take the word hereto provide support for that option in their titles.

The third of the points that tries to differentiate Acer is the screen.With a resolution of 1920 x 1200 screens that offers a very good image definition.The colors are vibrant too- course and again perhaps we usefulness MediaMaster an excellent option to configure the display modes easily.Not that we notice a huge difference between the four offered modes (Standard, Album, Movie and Game), butis thankful that we can adjust those levels.

Furthermore Acer have they been kindenough to allow us toset the level of blue lightthat is used to display images on thescreen, something that can soften those emissions that according tosome studies are not recommended for long periods and whose effects will be minimized thanks to that option.

What is the result of all these elements?Well, actually help make the experience more differential, but the fact is thatthe impact of all these improvements hardware and software is not particularly strikingwhen itcomes to enjoy the games.Options, but the little support of the haptic sensor, the audio system limitations -for size, not by ambition and a screen that behaves very well but not really differential against other opines thank make us question whether these improvements can be a factor actual purchase.In our view, ofcourse, they are not.

The nightmare of bloatware condemns this device

It had long since we’ve seen a product so full of non -native applications like this. The Predator 8 is based on Android 5.1, but based on this platform Google proposal will add a host of games, applications and utilities that in most cases neither needed nor had requested.

Thatbloatware invasionis even more as first connect the device to a WiFi network: at that time we will see 4 or 5 applications and games are added as ifby magic to one of the virtual desktops.The tablet comes a particularly attractive game, Asphalt 8, but does so with a small installer: to play it has to download 1.4 GB of content.

Among the examples cited are inaddition tothe Asphalt 8, Astro File Manager,, Cloud Print, eBay, Dropbox, Games, Games Shop, OfficeSuite and Opera Max.Much of these tools can be uninstalled, but why install by defaultwhen we have not asked?

In that -for overflowing proposal put somehow- software also havea number of applications of Acer own.These include Acer Liquid Home, System Doctor, Power Management, Acer Portal, abPhoto, abMusic, abFiles, EZ Note, EZ Snap, WakeUp EZ, EZ Gadget, EZ Tasking.

These utilities are in some interesting cases:EZ Tasking offers such support split screento have two applications that are supports- -always or EZ Snap, which lets youtake screenshots with a gesture of clip made with three of our fingers. They are curiosities that can help in certain scenarios, but again amazed atthe number of tools included as standard.

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