Why Nintendo has decided to cartridges with the new Nintendo Switch?


The new Nintendo Switch, which has just been unveiled and which until now knew simply as Nintendo NX, largely revolutionizes the concept that until now had of how it should be a home game console. But one of the striking aspects is not so revolutionary, in fact looks like something out of another time.

And that is when the Switch hit the market in March 2017 will with a system of cartridges such as the Nintendo DS family. Nintendo has not said why he made this decision, so we will review possible reasons that may have led them to opt for this format rather than other more conventional.

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They are small, durable and with good security

The Wii U hit the market with a format Wii U Optical Disc very similar to Bluray, and had similar records its predecessors. However, even with the switch had wanted to bet again they could not have. Its all about size, the brain of the console is in a tablet body, so there had been no physical space to slip a disc reader.

In the portable Nintendo, it has always tended to go for these kinds of cartridge cards, and it seems they are happy enough with the result to return to bet on them. They are a perfect size for the format, and if the console is easy to transport is also logical that the games are.

Another important factor to consider is durable and it is this format when compared with the discs. These can easily scratch, which at the time of travel would take quite a problem by dust and other substances with which we could find. Nintendo has always had a more youthful profile, so it is also wise to have a format childproof.

However, cartridges are much more robust and resilient. We can bring all mixed in a bag or pouch without special care, dust and sand are not as lethal (although be careful), and if we fall to the ground or even if we tread are much more likely to leave with life.

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Furthermore, a small plastic cap protects the cartridge slot. Given that is a console for travel, this will help not only support games but the console itself has no problems with dust or sand.

The cartridges provide security is not only physical, as they are also known to be more difficult to hack to be able to offer a better copy protection system. Still, we have seen in the past that have managed to create pirates cartridges, so it will be interesting to see how Nintendo will fight on your new console.

But there are also other possible practical reasons, as they can be cheaper than other physical formats thanks to improvements in production support, which eliminate the need for internal storage in the console to bring integrated, or to reduce substantially load times.

But there are still many doubts in the air

Nintendo has yet to realize the techniques wanted its new console specifications, so it remains to know what exactly will be inside these cartridges. That makes doubts still remain as what their exact anti-piracy system, the maximum capacity for games or maximum storage you will have to save our games.

It also remains to be seen what the price they get to place their games, if adapted to the standard for other consoles or try to pull softly to offer another incentive to bet on prices Switch. Many questions yet, so we’ll have to wait a few weeks until Nintendo decides to start seriously tell what’s under the hood of his new proposal.

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