Top 5 Free SEO Website Analysis Tools You Should Be Using

Its always great when something is free, but its even better when that free something will deliver more traffic to your website, rank your site higher on search engines, and earn you more money.

A quality website analysis tool is a crucial element of any SEO strategy because it allows you to refocus the content of your site exclusively on the specific keywords that Google knows is popular. While some website analysis tools require paid subscriptions, others are perfectly free and provide the same services. Here are five examples:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is perhaps the best website analysis tool for beginners due to its ease of use and wide variety of features. One such feature is that you get to see, or fetch as Google calls it, any URL the way Google sees it, which will be an invaluable tool to have

Based on the information you receive, you can then modify your websites content for improved SEO and gain more traffic as a result. You will be allowed exactly five hundred fetches per month, so use them wisely.

  1. SEO Report Card

UpCitys SEO Report Card will directly analyze your website and then deliver you a report to tell you how youre doing against your closest competitors.

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Included in the report will be a rank analysis of your website on the three major search engines of Google, Bing!, and Yahoo, the exact number of websites that are linking back to your site, an analysis of how well you have included popular keywords in your content, and how many of your site pages have been indexed.

  1. SEO Overview Tool

The SEO Overview Tool from Varvy will generate a report for you in less than a minute that tells you the strength of your sites domain name, your sites number of mentions on social media, your average page speed, and the strength of your SEO keywords.

But easily the neatest feature about the SEO Overview Tool is how a green, yellow, and red color coding scheme will be used to indicate how severe each issue is. By simply fixing the issues that received a red in the report, you can greatly improve your websites SEO performance.

  1. Check My Links

If youve ever wondered whether all of your external and internal links on working, youll want to give Check My Links a look.

This service will make it extremely easy for you to make corrections to your links before a page goes live. All of your good internal and external links will be highlighted in green, while all of the bad ones will be highlighted in red.

  1. Website Grader

Released in 2007 by HubSpot, Website Grader will generate a report that tells you everything you need to know about your websites standing, including how secure your website is, how easily accessible it is by humans and not just bots, whether its mobile friendly, and the performance of your website.

Website Grader will then compile this information together and give your site an overall score on a scale of 0 to 100.

Get Started

Youll never look back after you utilize website analysis tools for SEO like these. They will enable you to fix what you are doing wrong and confirm what you are doing right. By using these tools, you will have a significant impact on how well your website ranks on search engines.

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