Daydream View, mobile virtual reality Google is no longer cardboard


Google already took a unique step to creating cardboard, accessory allowing simple access to the world of virtual reality with the help of a smartphone. Now it has gone further with Daydream View, a new product that takes the experience one step further.

The new reality glasses of Google are the first to convert any supported terminal Daydream like the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL- in devices immersive virtual reality much more ambitious than what was offered the previous iteration in which the board was protagonist.

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Mobile virtual reality Google is more ambitious than ever

View Daydream accessory is a much better finish than their predecessors, but also glasses have a new remote control small. So small that to avoid losing Google has created a simple system that allows store it inside glasses safely when finished using them.

Although Pixel and Pixel XL are devices that support Daydream boast that from the first moment, Google says that currently there are many terminals that are compatible with these glasses and they can get the maximum performance.

Google has not explained whether there is any requirement in terms of screen resolution, but it is logical to think that the higher the resolution, the better experience of those users will have virtual reality goggles.

The system usage is very simple and once we put the terminal into glasses both devices are connected wirelessly. From there you can select any type of content available through the remote control.

The virtual reality goggles Daydream View will be offered initially in gray and later will be available in two additional colors.

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Not only virtual reality: a movie trailer to your eyes

The content offering will be especially wide: in Google have teamed up with Netflix, HBO or Hulu to offer their content in this format that makes the screen displayed by the glasses into something similar to a movie screen that surrounds us.

Google also showed virtual reality experiences that demonstrate the ability of this device, such as the “Fantastic Beasts” developed in collaboration with JK Rowling and that takes us into the magical world of Harry Potter and makes the remote to do the time of magic wand.

There will also be educational experiences and, of course games, and those responsible for Google told us how 50 partners will offer their content before the end of the year and hundreds more will from 2017.

In this range of content also have starring Google services. These include for example Google Play Movies but also Google Photos. The unique feature of Street View will also gain integers as immersive experience with these glasses, but if there is a particularly outstanding service, that is YouTube.

On YouTube, you can enjoy all the content available on the “big screen” attached to our head, but we can also enjoy especially the VR contents and 360 that are already available in the service.

Daydream View availability and price

Daydream View will be available next month of November at a price of $ 79. Google has not confirmed the specific availability or pricing by region, but will update this information as soon as such data become available.

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