Oculus Santa Cruz the future virtual reality you do not need PC or smartphone


Today kicked off the conference of developers ‘Oculus Connect 3’, and as expected we have a lot of ads that seek to place Oculus, and incidentally to Facebook, leading the race in virtual reality, a race where the Live HTC they have known hard tackles and have surpassed in many respects to Oculus.But the company Zuckerberg not stand with folded arms and today’s conference is the proof.

One of the most important announcements was the existence of a new viewer Oculus, which is in development and will come to be between the mobile experience and Gear VR Oculus Rift PC experience.

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Oculus virtual reality opens Midrange: ‘Oculus Santa Cruz’

This new viewer, as yet unnamed and just at a very early stage of development, seeks to create a third category of virtual reality, one that is economic but in turn have the power to transmit quality experiences, position tracking, 3D sound and HD images, all without the need for cables, smartphones or powerful PC to run.

This new viewer would have almost the same design as Rift with the difference that the components would be in the back, this with the idea of having a completely portable experience. These glasses offer better quality compared with the Gear VR, plus you will not need a smartphone to function and its price will be below the Rift and will be more expensive than the Gear VR, yes, sort of mid -range.

With this, Oculus seeks to open a new market for users who want to enjoy virtual reality but do not want to use their smartphones or have a PC, so the idea of a wireless viewfinder, portable and powerful enough sounds very, very attractive .We’ll be in contact.

Oculus expected Touch controls are finally here

When held Oculus Rift launching a complete experience with the interaction of some expected known as Oculus Touch wireless controllers. At the end they were not released and the experience was incomplete, which made HTC Vive gain ground. But now ready Oculus has its commanders and the battle for dominance of virtual reality is about to begin.

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The new Oculus Touch come with analog sticks, various buttons and triggers, as well as sensors for interactions at 360 degrees, also have haptic feedback. Each controller is set with a kind of bracelet for greater comfort and freedom of movement.

The Oculus Touch will go on sale on December 6 for $ 199 and include a unique new sensor to track its movement. With this, the kit will Oculus Rift with drivers 798 dollars, one dollar less than $ 799 HTC Live, so the competition gets interesting.

We can now purchase a new sensor to detect our movements

With this option we can have a total of three sensors on Oculus, one for glasses (included), one for the controls (also included in the kit) and now you can purchase a third sensor to record our movement around the room and so have greater immersion in virtual reality experiences.

This third sensor opens a new ‘mapping’ room and wide range of motion, which is ideal for games that offer the possibility to move. This sensor will be priced at $ 79 and will be available in December this 2016.

The immersion is complete with new in-ear headphones

Finally, we have the Oculus Earphones, an option for those looking for better quality audio Rift as it is about in-ear headphones that connect to the helmet, removing those currently included in order to have a greater immersion in the virtual reality experiences.

These headphones will be released on December 6 for $ 49.

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