Bose SoundLink Revolve and Revolve Plus, Bluetooth speakers with 360 degree sound

Bose SoundLink

Bose has decided to sign up for the fashion of Bluetooth wireless speakers with omnidirectional (360 degree) sound and has done so with two new compact models in the already classic cylindrical format that remember to other launches of different companies seen in the last years, although they have the special touch of the brand.

These are the SoundLink Revolve and Revolve Plus, both of which have an IPX4-certified waterproof splash and splash resistant one-piece aluminum housing and are designed to be easy to carry thanks to its superior handle.

The speaker driver sits inside the 6-inch cylinder in the case of the Revolve and 7.2 inches in the Plus model, pointing down and complemented by a passive double phase radiator system in phase contrast that helps to improve the response at low frequencies and to minimize the resonances inside the speaker.

The system is complemented by a diffuser that ensures that the sound is emitted in all directions reaching equally to all points of the room (hence the 360 degrees), but as is often the case with this type of speakers we probably lose part of the stereo image of the recordings.

Bose SoundLink
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Designed to accompany the smartphone

However, these Bluetooth devices are designed more as a complement to the smartphone than a HiFi system. They use NFC technology for fast pairing and several microphones to receive our orders that will be transmitted to the mobile and your Siri or Google Assistant.

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In addition, if we install the Bose Connect application we can link several of these speakers at the same time to make them work both as a multiroom system and for stereo playback. The battery life is 12 hours in the normal model and 16 hours in the Plus version, giving us the option of being able to buy a special base of extra charge (for an additional 30 dollars) on which to put the speaker when we use it Inside the house.

Price and availability

The new Bose SoundLink Revolve and Revolve Plus speakers can now be purchased on the brand’s website in various finishes (black and white colors) for $200 and $300 respectively.

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