Creative H5 Headphones also come in Tournament Edition

Creative H5

If last month we talked about the special edition of the Sound BlasterX H7 called Tournament Edition, now also available its small brother in special version. The H5 of Creative Tournament Edition are headphones that, despite giving up some of the functions of the H7 as USB connectivity, are excellent headphones.

Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition

The Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition is based on the Sound BlasterX H5 and improved taking into account the opinions of the users. They include improved drivers for better sensitivity, and much more accurate audio reproduction. These gaming helmets also feature a new and improved microphone that improves audio reception and noise cancellation

The Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition arrives with a new metal cups polished and finished in military metal. They have 50mm full spectrum drivers. Helmets offer a mini acoustic chamber to minimize resonance within the cups and get more clarity at all frequencies.

Creative H5
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If we liked the microphone of the previous review, in the version Tournament Edition Creative has redesigned the microphone in a way that improves the reception of the sound and cancel the external noise much more effectively, according to the information provided by the brand.

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The Sound Blaster X H5 is a headset that is quite light yet strong. Comfortable and with good sound quality. You cannot ask for much more earphones for players, so if you have managed to improve them in this new review we have a product more than interesting.

Features of Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition …

  • Audio Processor BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite
  • 50mm FullSpectrum Audio Drivers
  • Frequency response of headsets with microphone 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Interface 3.5 mm stereo input
  • Detachable microphone with improved noise reduction system.
  • Flexible reinforced steel upper band.
Creative H5
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Price and availability of Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition

The recommended price for the Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition is $129.99, with the H7 price of $159.99. Although, as already happens other times, the H5 are at offer price of $89.99 on the website of Creative and the H7 at a price of $129.99.

For the price difference we have in principle USB connectivity, programming the helmets using X-Plus technology, which has specially configured audio profiles for a wide range of games, and simulated 7.1 surround sound, so you should know if it deserves the Worth spending those 40 dollars of difference.

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