ZenBook 3 is the most exquisite ASUS laptop and now has ‘Deluxe’ version: Kaby Lake and Thunderbolt 3

ZenBook 3

They do not stop saying that the sale of computers is slowing down, that purely mobile devices already do everything that many buyers need to connect to the network. But what it is to update equipment and to appear new models, is not something that has stopped, we have seen it in the CES 2017, and days later with equipment like the new Fujitsu, or these new ASUS.

In fact, this ZenBook 3 was advanced in the last event of Las Vegas, but now we have before us what is the formal presentation of the team, surnamed Deluxe, so we will transmit the news and changes that come with the two possible configurations.

ZenBook 3
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The “Deluxe UX490A” is a laptop with a 14-inch screen and much desire to please professionals who need to show a good image, in addition to finding a good balance between lightness and performance. Typical in the ZenBook family of computers, but with the specifications that are demanded in 2017.

What do you play this year? As a Kaby Lake-U family processor, two Type-C USB ports with Thunderbolt 3 support, up to 16GB RAM, full HD resolution screens, and much thinness: as little as 1.27 centimeters thick, the notebook weighs Only 1.1 kilos.

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That said, there are two possible models to jump to “Deluxe”, a first with core Intel Core i5-7200U, and another more capable with Core i7-7500U. In both cases we do not find a stellar graphics power, we have to be content with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 620, which will move the system, Windows 10 Pro.

ZenBook 3
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The interesting thing about ASUS equipment is that they are designed internally with an eye on heat dissipation, for the occasion an extra thin cooling system has been developed, only 3 millimeters thick. The laptop walks on average battery capacity, with a 46Wh drive (10 hours of life).

Other important things that we cannot leave without comment are its four speakers – sound system Harman Kardon, aluminum chassis, or the use of the latest version of Gorilla Glass to protect the screen. There is even a fingerprint sensor – on the trackpad – that will be used for identification with the new Windows.

There are still no prices for the two configurations of the ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA, but we can get an idea by looking at the basic models – without Deluxe – starting at $1100 and $1600, so we can wait a little longer for each one.

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