Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker: The new connected Xiaomi speaker follows the trail of Amazon Echo and Google Home

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker

Those responsible for Xiaomi today announced the launch of MIUI 9, the new version of its ROM for its Android-based smartphones and tablets, and the Xiaomi Mi 5X, the newest member of its mid-range mobile phones.The surprise has been the presentation of a product that responds to another of the major market trends:the connected speaker Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker.

This devicetries to follow the trail of products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, but unlike them does not have a voice assistant so capable, although it is possible to interact with it with the voice to control some domotic functions and of multimedia reproduction.At the moment, yes, you can only talk to him in Chinese.

More limited than the Amazon Echo, but also much cheaper

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker
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The Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker has a design that has a rectangle shape with rounded corners, and in that chassis we also find a matrix of six microphones that allow the device to be activated with our voice and activate various options through that interaction.

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In the upper part we have controls for multimedia reproduction, one of the key sections of a product that is clearly behind its rivals in the market.Amazon Echo is based on Alexa andGoogle Homeon Google Assistant, whileApple’s future HomePodwill be powered by Siri.The Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker does not integrate such a powerful voice assistant, and its features are therefore more limited.

These limitations may be one of the reasons for its price, which as always is groundbreaking:the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker will go on sale for 299 RMB, which at the change are only 38 dollars.At the moment it will only be available in China and it will support the Chinese language, and the complexity of locating and supporting other languages ​​seems to make it more difficult to reach other markets.We’ll see if Xiaomi moves tab in this regard.

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