The Difference Between Personal and Business Web Hosting

When you’re building a website, regardless of what that website might be used for, you’ll find that you need to look for a service that allows other people to view, and use your web pages. This means that you’ll need to start considering your options when it comes to web hosting services. Web hosting companies allow you to “host” your website on their servers, which essentially means that your personal thoughts or company presence are moved onto the internet.

In this way, personal and business web hosting are the same. Once you’ve paid your agreed fee, your service provider will publish the contents of your website online, so that’s available for the world to see. Web hosting companies are also responsible for making sure that your website continues to work properly with time. This means that you don’t have to worry about problems or technical issues going on in the background.

Ultimately, the difference between personal and business website hosting is what you want your website to do. Personal hosting is geared towards the basic needs of standard websites that have no specific requirements. On the other hand, a business hosting service will need to include solutions that make it easier for you to connect with, and sell to your customers.

Understanding Personal Web Hosting Services

If you’re an individual with a personal website that you want to be published and hosted online, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem when it comes to making your dreams come true. There are plenty of great web hosting services available that can deliver exceptional support for you and your digital presence, with very little cost. is a great example of this. The reason behind this is that personal websites don’t require a lot of work from the hosting side. If you have a website that contains nothing more than a few personal images, some basic text, and even the odd video, then your standard web hosting service should be able to accommodate this with ease.

Additionally, personal websites are more likely to see a smaller amount of web traffic, unless you get lucky and your content goes viral, or you find yourself becoming increasingly popular through social media. This means that your service provider doesn’t have to worry about dealing with countless new visitors every day. Because the bandwidth remains low, there’s not much data management to worry about. This means that a personal website can cost very little to host on a monthly basis, depending on how extensive your website is.

Understanding Business Web Hosting Services

On the other hand, hosting a business website is an entirely different matter. In business, time is money, so this means that business hosting becomes a much more important and comprehensive service. Business web hosting solutions are designed to make sure that everything on your website continues to work perfectly at all times, with very little downtime. Business websites can also contain extra advanced features, such as relationship management between brands and customers, and eCommerce platform solutions.

Ultimately, the most significant difference between a business hosting service, and a personal hosting service, is that a business host needs to offer a wider range of potential features to choose from. Most of the time, this means investing in extra bandwidth, more storage space for your company, and a more effective support service. Usually, helpdesk support, priority email, and live chat support are common.

Why Companies Need to Invest in Business Web Hosting

Although business web hosting is more expensive than standard hosting solutions, it’s important to make sure that you always invest in the level of care that you need to keep your web presence running at an optimum standard. By investing in business web hosting, you can make sure that you have access to everything you need for a better customer experience. For instance, business hosting solutions are often more reliable than personal hosting options, because companies know that even a single minute of lost bandwidth can translate into huge losses for the average organization.

With business web hosting, you can expect:

  1. Better Customer Support

If you’re simply running a basic personal website, you might not know how important it can be to get an immediate response to your queries from your web host provider. However, if you’re running a company website, when something goes wrong, you need to know that support is there to help you get access to the backups and files you need to continue thriving as a company. With business web hosting solutions, you can expect a more reliable service that offers 24/7 support in the form of live chat, email, and phone responses.

  1. More Control Over your Data and Content

A professional web hosting company can provide businesses with complete access to all the services and resources they need to make the most of their online presence. This is often very different to personal web hosting solutions that allow you to only control the basic aspects of your website. With professional hosting, you won’t need to worry about any restrictions on the amount of data or number of web pages you can have.

  1. Professional Features

It’s unlikely that someone hosting a personal website will be in need of their own private email solution and an eCommerce service. However, the chances are that if you have a professional website, you’re going to need a lot more resources available to you. Professional hosting solutions make it easier for you to access the services that you need most at a time that’s appropriate to you.

  1. Better Design

Usually, a professional business hosting service will allow you more unrestricted access to the design that’s available for your website, as well as supporting technologies like server communications. This means that you get more creativity over graphics and infrastructure design so that you can experiment with different platforms and layouts for your business.

  1. Space and Scalability

Finally, as cloud computing has become more popular, professional business hosting services allow companies more access to secure storage space and dynamic bandwidth that they can adjust according to different needs in bandwidth. When you’re using personal services, the same flexibility might not be available.

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