5 Smart Social Media Tips for College Students

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Of course, you have probably heard all about Internet security. If you have just gone through orientation at your new college, you probably received a whole speech about hackers, phishers and other Internet predators. However, you won’t learn a whole lot about social media and the decorum that you should uphold when you are using social media. Moreover, it can help to know how to use social media in the context of being able to broaden your visibility to possible employers. It may be scary to think that employers are looking at your social accounts, but this is the new norm in the career world. This is why you want to keep a number of things in mind when managing your social media accounts. Here are five smart social media tips for college students.

  1. Use Social Media to Gain Exposure to Employers

You may not realize it, but your social accounts can be used to maximize your exposure – not only to your friends, but also possible employers. This is why you want to place all of the pertinent information in your about page – think of it like a temporary resume or CV. For instance, if you received UC’s nurse practitioner degree or a degree from University of Michigan, you can place this information in the appropriate place.

  1. Always Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

On top of making sure you have all the pertinent information in your social accounts, you also want to get busy cleaning up your photos and other information that may make you look bad. For instance, if you have updates with curse words or photos of you partying at night, you may want to take these things down, because it won’t make you look good in front of employers.

  1. Never Give Out Your Personal Information on Social Media

Of course, you want to avoid at all costs giving out your personal information on social media. If you give out your information, it could make you vulnerable to a breach. It could also put you in a situation where you have to clean up a hacking mess. More than that, though, you want to protect your physical presence by making your social media pages less transparent.

  1. Don’t Post Anything Too Compromising

Once you have cleaned up your social media pages, you can then avoid posting anything that is too compromising. This not only includes photos of you having fun with friends, it also includes any other information that may not fit the tastes of employers. When you apply for a job, employers will visit your social media page before reading your resume.

  1. Connect with Other Students for School Matters

On top of everything, you can use social media to connect with other students regarding school matters. For instance, if you have a big project due and you have questions, you can chat with your classmates via social messaging. In the end, you can also organize study groups using social media.

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