Auto Manufacturers Adding New Safety Features to Modern Vehicles

You may not think about safety when driving down the open road because you assume that your car will keep you safe. While that is true on more modern models, it wasn’t always true in the past. Older cars had little in the way of personal protection beyond seat belts and airbags. Many cars, trucks and SUVs now come equipped with airbags in the front and along the side to protect all your passengers. Depending on the manufacturer, you may find some other great safety features that you can add.

Electronic Braking Assist

One feature you might look for is electronic braking assist. This is a feature that makes it easy for you to come to a complete stop without pumping your brakes. Some vehicles even use aluminum alloy brakes that work as part of that system. With alloy coating from and similar companies, you won’t worry about wearing through your brakes too quickly. Some manufacturers now include hilltop start assist that works with the braking assist. This lets you start your car and move forward while parked on a slope without the car rolling back first.

Lane Departure Warning

Driving while you’re tired is potentially dangerous. If you close your eyes for even a second, your car may drift into the next lane and right into incoming traffic. Lane departure warning is a new feature that keeps track of your vehicle and its position on the road. This keeps your car from drifting or moving into another lane. It sends an automatic alert to either your console or your dashboard. The combination of the flashing light and the noise it makes can help you quickly make adjustments to prevent an accident from happening.

Safety Features to Modern Vehicles

Navigational System

When shopping for a new car, you may want one that comes with a new and updated navigational system. Nearly every major auto manufacturer now has a navigational system that lets you connect your phone to your console. This lets you make calls, accept calls, read text messages and do other things on your phone without actually touching the phone. You’ll also have access to updated directions, and some come with emergency assistance that lets you touch a button to get help in seconds. As you shop for a new car, look for one that comes with all the new safety features that you want.

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