Common Signs of a Collapsed Drain

A collapsed drain is a serious level of damage and requires immediate and urgent attention from a specialist.
A collapsed drain is where the drainpipe is damaged to such an extent that the drain collapses in on itself. Freezing, tree root ingress or age-related wear and tear can all cause the problem. Checkatrade have compiled the costs involved when it comes to repairing a drain.


A collapsed drain disrupts the flow of water. Therefore, you may notice signs of dampness.

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Slow drainage or poor performance of your drainage system could also indicate a problem.

Sewage backing up can be a sign of a damaged pipe or a collapsed drain.

A smell of sewerage either in the home or around the drain itself can indicate a problem.

Where a drain sits underneath the property, cracks and damage to the structure may become apparent. This could be across the floor or walls and indicates a problem that has been around for some time.

Subsidence is a visual sign of a collapsed drain, and one of the most serious consequences, as it indicates that there has been damage for quite a while. Look out for slumps or indentations in the ground, caused by an excess of water seeping out from pipework.

Drain Lining

Expert engineers and specialist companies will be able to examine your drains to establish the existence of a collapse and the level of replacement or repairs required. On completion, state-of-the-art drain linings can be installed with minimum disruption, either as a repair or as part of a new drainage system. For drain lining Oldbury, contact a local expert such as

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A drains specialist will often carry out CCTV surveillance of the system to establish the exact cause and location of the problem. It is recommended that you seek specialist advice as soon as you notice an issue.

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