Reasons to invest in a dishwasher

Your time will be freed up

It is not necessary to spend time cleaning pots and pans. Life is already busy. You may not know that you spend 60 minutes of each day cleaning up after meals. Spending just 9 minutes to load a dishwasher will save you 51 minutes. Some dishwashers offer timed programmes ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes to fit your schedule. Load the dishwasher in just 9 minutes, and then binge-watch that box set!

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You’ll save water and energy

It’s amazing how much water you can save by using a dishwasher. Some models use significantly less water. They can be as low as 6 litres for each cycle. To find out more about a Fully Integrated Dishwasher Bromley, contact

Cleaner crockery

Hand washing is not only more energy-consuming, but the results are often less crisp. Special technology, such as Steamgloss will make your crockery look cleaner, brighter and more shinier.

Gets rid of germs

Did you know that the water temperature must be higher than 60 degrees to properly clean dishes? Water that is used to wash dishes by hand usually reaches a temperature of 27.5 degrees. That’s not hot enough.

Water inside the dishwasher can be heated to up to 75 degrees. This ensures that your dishes are not only clean but also hygienically cleaned.

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It’s easier

Once you have one, it’s hard to imagine life without it. It takes less time to wash and load a full load than to stand over the sink every day.

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