Creating an Additional Bathroom in your Home

Adding an extra bathroom to your home can make life much easier. If you have a household with a lot of people in it, then you will know that there can often be a fight to use the bathroom, and you can bet that when you have run a relaxing bath, before long there will be a knock on the door by someone wanting to use the toilet!

So, an extra bathroom can be great for making life at home easier, and as well as this, it can also add value to your home – something to bear in mind if you are planning to sell one day.

There are lots of ways that you can add a bathroom to your home – you might choose to build an extension, or you might use existing space in the home – for example, if you have a large master bedroom, you might convert part of it into an ensuite, or you may want to convert your loft.

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What you will need before you start is a builder – they can help you to plan your bathroom and give you advice on where it is best to position it. A builder will be able to also do a lot of the work for you to help turn your extra bathroom into a reality.

Make a list of all of the tradespeople that you will need to create your new bathroom – from a professional tiler to companies like this plumber Gloucester based company who will be able to connect all of the pipes and make sure that your bathroom is correctly plumbed in.

You also need to get the bathroom units. Toilets, sinks, baths and showers come in many styles, shapes and sizes, so put some thought into what is best for you. Your budget, style and the space that you have available are all things to think about when you are choosing what you want in there.

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If space is limited, there are things that you can do to make the most of the space that you have – a shower over the bath is a popular choice for space saving, and the layout of the room also can be arranged to optimise the space that is available.

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