What to Include in a School Prospectus

It is nearly time for the kids to go back to school once again, and many children will be starting at new schools in September. Parents all over the country will have had the task of choosing the right school for their child, and for schools, making sure that the children that attend are happy and benefit from the school is essential.

Making sure that you communicate well with prospective parents and students therefore is an important part of running a school, and ensuring that you are showing what makes the school a great place to be is best done through a prospectus.

Schools get professionally made prospectuses from professional companies that specialise in this like this school prospectus design company www.fsedesign.co.uk/school-prospectus-design/

However, if you are tasked with the job of creating the new school prospectus, before you go out and do it, here are some of the things that you might want to consider including…

Quotes from Students and Parents

People like to hear directly from those that have experienced something, similar to how we head to trip advisor to decide whether a certain hotel is right for our holiday, there is nothing like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Speak to students and parents and ask if they would like to give a quote to put into your prospectus.

Information on the Curriculum – Having the information on what is taught in the lessons and what lessons and qualifications are available help people to make an informed choice about what school is well suited to their child. If you offer subjects or classes that are not offered at many or any other schools this is also definitely worth mentioning too, as students may have a particular interest or want to follow a certain career path that this could help them with.

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Provisions for Learning Support and Special Needs – Many children require additional support – this may be due to a physical disability, or they may have special educational needs. Make it clear in the prospectus what your school has in place to support these students and help them to thrive at the school.

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Extracurricular Activities – As well as the standard school lessons and activities, let parents know what else your school offers. It might be trips to other countries, or it may be enrichment activities, clubs and organisations that help children to find new interests and be with other like-minded children.

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