Minecraft Survival Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Minecraft is a once-in-a-generation game that has been capturing the attention of gamers worldwide for years. Below are the essential Minecraft survival tips and tricks for beginners to help you become acclimated to the Minecraft world. Enjoy.

Build A Shelter

Good morning, welcome to the mighty world of Minecraft! Glad you can make it. As with all good survival games, your number one goal should be to build shelter. Shelter provides you a couple luxuries; it keeps you safe from the outside world and provides you a base for your future operations.

Minecraft Survival Tips and Tricks for Beginners

When you start the game, begin collecting wood so you can build various items. Once you have enough wood, (About 5 trees worth of wood blocks) begin by furnishing a crafting table and use the crafting table to build a wooden pickaxe. Work the earth until you mine around 25 blocks of cobblestone and begin crafting stone pickaxes, a stone sword and a furnace. You should then locate nearby materials to build a simple shelter.

Fortunately for you, you may have unearthed a cave in process of digging for cobblestone. This is fantastic as caves are a great place to build a simple shelter. Be sure to include a door to keep you safe from mobs and a torch lit to prevent random zombie spawning.

Use The Torch

Torches very well may be the single most useful tool in this game. Torches keep you safe from random a zombie spawning nearby and assist you in marking where you have been as you explore new caves. In addition, you can use your torch placement to not only light up dark areas but use them to quickly build shelters as you can place building material above and below the torch placement on the blocks. This makes building upscale shelters much easier as you can save time and material.

Stay Safe at Night

Are you afraid of the dark? In Minecraft, during the night is when it is typically most dangerous. Its at night when the monsters and mobs decide to come out to play! Choose to spend your night in the safety provided by your shelter that is lit by torches or choose to fight your enemies. There are advantages to both; if you stay in the safety of your shelter, you will not risk dying. If you choose to fight, you will earn game experience and gain new materials The choice is yours and yours alone; choose whatever style that fits you best.

Build a Bed

Minecraft is an extremely fun game, and I encourage you to try Minecraft Free, but its extremely annoying when you die and loose all of your items. If you didnt know, when you die, you have five minutes to reclaim your items from your death site before they disappear. Its hard to reclaim your items when you are being harassed by mobs / monsters with no materials to defend yourself with. To avoid the unnecessary hassle, I recommend that you construct a bed in your shelter and sleep in it. If you die and if you have used your bed, you will spawn next to your bed with the option to return to sleep. Items do not disappear when you are sleeping so you can choose to recollect your items in the relative safety of daylight.

Get Food

Everybody is hungry once in a while, right? To no surprise, in this survival game, you need to eat too. Fortunately, you can obtain food from a variety of sources. Choose to immediately grow wheat, carrots or potatoes so you can begin to harvest food. In addition, look for farm animals (pigs, cows, chickens) to raise so you can one day use them as a food source. Yes, I know its kind of cruel. Keep in mind that cooked meat restores more health than raw meat. Foods important, make sure you always have some on you.

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