Moving garden waste is easier with trailer

When a garden is being dug out and landscaped the amount of soil and waste earth generated is quite incredible. What might seem like a quick job is actually guaranteed to mean that you could be looking at weeks and weeks of trips to the tip to get rid of it all. This doesn’t include all of the other garden waste that is created. Old bushes and shrubs, either in their entirety or the trimmed parts mean that you are looking at a large amount to remove.

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All this waste can be placed in the council collection bins for garden waste but this could take weeks and soil is not allowed in the bins. Therefore you are looking at several costly trips to the tip over the next few weeks and months.

You could take them in a car but this would mean potential damage and mess in the car resulting in the car’s depreciation in value. Soil and dirt can cause lasting stains and ruin upholstery. However help is at hand to relive this situation. The answer is to get a trailer.

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Trailer Parts, like those from should be kept in reserve in case there is a need. Trailers need to be serviced as well as cars. With a trailer you can load all of this soil, or most of it, into the vehicle and soon be rid of it down the council backed receptacle.

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