Six common causes of blocked drains

Blocked drains can cause chaos in your home or property, quickly escalating from a slightly slow-draining sink to flooding an entire property in an avalanche of damage.
Blocked drains can also increase the risk of flooding in flash downpours.. It is important to prioritise this part of the infrastructure of your home to prevent blockages and leaks. But what are the top reasons for blocked drains?

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When hot fats cool, they harden and coat the inside of pipes. For this reason, it’s recommended to remove fats by putting them directly in the bin. If your drain is draining slowly, it is important to have it checked before it blocks completely.

Leaves, muck and garden debris

Homeowners should be mindful of falling leaves and garden debris from stormy weather potentially blocking outdoor drains. Heavy downpours can also be the cause of muck and debris gathering quickly around drains.

Structural issues

Pipes can crack, misalign or even collapse over time. For this reason, it is important to have them inspected regularly and repaired if necessary.

Tree roots

Trees can be drawn to pipes, attracted by moisture. This can be hard to notice since it is occurring underground, but CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury offered by experts such as can be used to see what is going on and whether roots need removing

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Foreign objects

Most of us know not to put wet wipes down the toilet. But other things often find their way into drains – kids’ toys, rubbish and even chewing gum!


Although not a nice thought, rats use drainage pipes as a highway to get where they need to go, even travelling from property to property. Drains should be sealed and water-tight to prevent this.

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