The rugged, long-lasting floor is hard to beat

Your floor has to take a lot during the daytime. Our constant use of it means that it can start to wear out extremely quickly. If you look around the entrance to rooms with their doorways, you’ll soon see that the degree of damage is quite considerable. Carpets are especially susceptible to this decay in quality. They constantly need to be cleaned, and carpet threads become very noticeable when worn away. This terribly untidy look can contribute to reduced house prices and lessen the enjoyment of your home.

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Rather than constantly being shelling out for pricey carpet cleaners and increasingly expensive vacuum cleaners, the answer could lie in hiring an Engineered Wood Flooring expert to install one like The beauty of an engineered wood floor is that cleaning it is an absolute dream compared to the trials and tribulations that you’ll go through with a carpet. Carpets are also notoriously good at picking up dirt and germs and storing them within their weave. Although a carpet looks absolutely fine when it’s first laid, it doesn’t take long before it starts to show signs of wear and tear and discoloration.

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This is not a problem with an engineered wood floor. Once it is laid, it is a simple case of wiping clean and ensuring that a decent varnish or cleanser is applied. Whilst this should be a regular occurrence, it can be less often than a carpet requires, making the maintenance costs a lot lower.

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