The robot that climbs walls Disney


A robot developed by Disney has features Spiderman can climb the walls without being affected by gravity. More details below.

Disney, one of the best-known companies in the world, has its own technology research department, which developed a robot able to run up walls.

For the development of this curious robot called Vertigo, they collaborated both the research department of Disney as the ETH Zurich (Switzerland).

How did the Disney robot work?

We can see that helices are appropriate to the situation and allow certain parts of the robot to rise to continue their journey; these propellers also allow to remain glued or attached to the wall with the force of air friction between the wall and allow the wheels to continue his touring unaffected by gravity.

Its carbon fiber structure, the size of its four wheels and the two main propellers are part of an engineering job that allows this feat. It is missing very little to make this robot can go above the water using the power of their propellers.

Video: Disney vertigo robot in action

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