WiFi and Internet services to expand mobile coverage


Mobile Connect has evolved considerably since the 80s 1G to 4G LTE technologies that exist today. This new telecommunications network of fourth generation mobile phone has a theoretical maximum speed of 150 Mbps downstream and 75 Mbps for uploading data, which constitutes an important step forward from the 3G technology

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When downloading files, whether large applications or long videos, the waiting times are much lower with the 4G. Despite these breakthroughs, the actual connection speed may be influenced by the availability of 4G coverage in certain rural or isolated areas, as well as the frequency band, which varies the connection quality or level indoors underground.

To solve these problems and ensure continuous and uninterrupted connection, the WiFi-calling or WiFi calls a function that allows the use of wireless internet services to communicate with calls and text messages using WiFi networks are created when no coverage by the telephone operator.

The WiFi-calling is a feature that can bring the phone or pre-installed that can be incorporated to update the operating system. With it, users can call, receive calls or send and receive SMS via a WiFi network. This function is similar to calls by VoIP provider, but not the same, because it is not needed or not specific application like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, nor restricts calls only to users who also have the application. By enabling this feature, the user can communicate from anywhere there is a WiFi connection.

The phone automatically connects when no internet service available by the telephone provider and will have no additional charge to users with a capable device for calls over WiFi as the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, Samsung Note Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge S6 Plus, LG G4, LG V10, Obsidian ZTE, HTC One M9, among others. The websites of the main operators has very useful information to learn more about these online services are a great advantage for users in areas with little or no mobile coverage, it may use any WiFi (private or public) network and will not need the receiver has the same function enabled.

Apple released the iPhone 6 series integrated WiFi-calling, but older phones may also use this technology to upgrade your operating system, as this will bring the built-in function. iPhone 6, a smartphone with aluminum body and glass, also has a 64-bit chip A9, the Touch ID technology that uses a sensor for fingerprint identification to unlock the device and the new Retina HD 3D Touch Screen that provides full HD resolution images and recognizes the pressure applied by the user on the screen, 4G LTE connectivity and an iSight camera of 8 MP with Pixel Focus technology and image stabilization. Take full advantage of this phone, including the new WiFi-Calling function and activate it on your iPhone by following a few simple steps: go to Settings> Phone> Call for Wi-Fi.

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