What Can You Do With a Degree in Information Technology?

If you’re thinking about a degree in information technology, you should be aware that there are many, many things you can do with one. It’s by far one of the most versatile and highly-paid degrees around. There’s not only something for every skill set, there’s something out there for every interest and passion. Here are just of the few of the exciting things you can do with one after undergrad.

Design Mobile Apps

The phrase, “There’s an app for that” is very well-known and that’s for a reason. There are endless apps on the market and endless problems to solve with them. You could wind up working on the next Shazam or Snapchat if you’re successful enough. This is also a field for those who think they have an inventor’s gene. After all, apps are cybernetic inventions at the end of the day. If you fancy yourself someone who likes to solve little problems and you never want to be out of work, this might be the best road for you.

Forensic Investigator

If you have a strong sense of justice or just really like “Law and Order,” a computer forensic investigation career is right up your dark, spooky alley. These folks investigate computer crime, and they will always be in high demand. This can range from tracking actual cybercrime to looking for evidence of a physical crime on someone’s computer. It’s on the low end of the pay scale for IT jobs (mid-sixties), but it’s still a decent paycheck. Plus, all in all, it’s a pretty exciting gig.

IT Consultant

If you’re looking to make money, this is a great, albeit broad way to do it. Basically, you’d be responsible for coming in and making sure a company’s computer systems are running well. Everyone needs these guys from tiny mom and pop start-ups to massive corporations. Not only will you be in high demand, you will be able to command a commensurate salary, too.

Web Developer

Being a web developer is probably the most creative and interesting job you could get with an IT degree. It’ll allow you to work with a variety of different people, should you choose to do so, and it will also allow you to work with a variety of different types of organizations. Everyone needs websites and everyone has different website needs. This is also a field that benefits from double majors. USC offers a degree in communications that would pair very well with a degree in IT. Claremont College offers the same thing.

So whether you’re into design, programming or management, IT degrees give you a wide range of jobs to choose from. If you’re interested in a career that could take you a million different places, is constantly changing, but will always be well-paid, a degree in IT is something you should consider.

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